Invitation for applications to the Children’s Art Competition “Peaceful Towns” 2021

April 12, 2021

Invitation for applications to the Children’s Art Competition
“Peaceful Towns” 2021
Applications are now CLOSED. Thank you for your participation!

In order to expand peace education efforts in its over 8,000 member cities in 165 countries and regions around the world, Mayors for Peace holds a children’s art competition on the theme of “Peaceful Towns,” for children from 6 to 15 years old in all these cities.

We look forward to receiving applications from many member cities.
Please see the Application Guidelines below for the details of this competition.

  • 3 Application Procedure

  • (1) For applicants:
  •     Each applicant should securely attach the completed application form to the back of their artwork, and submit it to the city hall of the Mayors for Peace member city where they live (not directly to the Mayors for Peace Secretariat).
  • (2) For member cities:
  •     Each member city will select up to 5 artworks each for Category 1 (6-10 year olds) and Category 2 (11-15 year olds) from submitted applications. Each selected artwork should be submitted by email.

  • ▶Required application materials for member cities:
  •  ・PDF files of artworks and their application forms (Each selected artwork, together with its application form, should be scanned at 300 dpi as one PDF.)
  •  ・Cover sheet as a PDF

  • ▶Submission:
  •   Please email the application materials to the Mayors for Peace Secretariat at

  • ▶Deadline for submission to the Mayors for Peace Secretariat:
  •   5:00 pm on November 1 (Mon.), 2021 (Japan Standard Time)

  • 4 Announcement of Results
  •  January 17 (Mon.), 2022 on the Mayors for Peace website

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