Selection Result: Mayors for Peace Children’s Art Competition “Peaceful Towns”

January 24, 2019

In order to further promote peace education in member cities around the world, Mayors for Peace hosted its first children’s art competition inviting children from 6 to 15 years old who live in Mayors for Peace member cities to submit artworks on the theme of “Peaceful Towns”. The competition was open for submissions from October 1 until December 28, 2018.

We are pleased that we have received 469 works from 29 member cities in 14 countries and would like to thank everyone that took part in this competition.

The judges had a very difficult task of screening the submissions, as the standard of entries was so high, but they managed to select eight prize-winning works. The grand prize artwork will be printed on plastic folders which Mayors for Peace will be using to promote its work on various occasions.

Submission Period: From Monday, October 1 until Friday, December 28, 2018

Total submission: 469 works from 29 member cities in 14 countries

Selection result: The grand prize (1 winner), The second prize (2 winners), The third prize (5 winners)

Prizes: The grand prize winner is presented a certificate and plastic folders on which her artwork is printed.
The second and third prize winners are presented a certificate.

Prize-winning works

The grand prize (1 winner):

Ms. Anastasia Skobeltsyna in Krasnodar, Russia (9 years old)

《Message from the artist》
The Flying Angel over the city encourages and raises the soul.

The second prize (2 winners):

Mr. Ojen Memarpour in Tehran, Iran (11 years old)

《Message from the artist》
If people are kind to animals who live in their city (should not catch or kill them and should feed them), that city will be peaceful.

Ms. Saaya Sera in Hiroshima, Japan (7 years old)

《Message from the artist》
I painted a scene where my friends and I play happily in a park, because that’s what peace means to me.

The third prize (5 winners):

Ms. Atrin Afsharitavana in Hamedan, Iran (6 years old)

《Message from the artist》
All the people on earth live with a happy heart with the wish of peace, friendship, justice and equality.

Ms. Austeja Tenikaityte in Jurbarkas, Lithuania (12 years old)

《Message from the artist》
In my drawing, I depicted a peace dove as a symbol of a peaceful city. The city is safe when the dove is safe.

Ms. Ekaterina Nizhnikova in Uryupinsk, Russia (11 years old)

《Message from the artist》
My inspiration for this drawing was the nature of my region. I want all people to know that there is such a beautiful and clean city on Earth – our Uryupinsk.

Ms. Karina Galiullina in Kazan, Russia (15 years old)

《Message from the artist》
Our Republic is inhabited by people of many ethnicities. The culture and history of each of them is amazing and unique. We try to respect their customs and traditions, to live in unity and harmony, because the main thing for us is the global peace.

Ms. Klara Ehrensberger in Frankfurt, Germany (7 years old)

《Message from the artist》
In my peaceful town, there is a special “conciliation” park where people can go in case of struggle with others. There are experts to help them to make up with each other. In the streets there are no cars, so that children can use their bikes and scooters/skateboards.