Selection Results: Mayors for Peace Children’s Art Competition “Peaceful Towns” 2020

January 18, 2021

In order to further promote peace education in member cities around the world, Mayors for Peace hosts an annual children’s art competition inviting children from 6 to 15 years old who live in Mayors for Peace member cities to submit artworks on the theme of “Peaceful Towns.” This is to announce that 12 prize-winning submissions have been selected for 2020, the third year of the competition.

The artwork that wins the Mayors for Peace President’s Award will be printed on plastic folders which Mayors for Peace will be using to promote awareness of the importance of peace education on various occasions.

Submission period: From April 10 until November 20, 2020

Submissions received by member cities:
Total number of participating cities: 99 cities in 19 countries
Total Number of applications: 3,122 (6 to 10 years old: 2,161, 11 to 15 years old: 961)

Submissions received by the Secretariat after member cities’ screening:
6-10 years old: 240 applications from 77 cities in 15 countries
11-15 years old: 226 applications from 74 cities in 16 countries

Selection results:
6 to 10 years old: The Mayors for Peace President’s Award / The first prize (1 winner), The second prize (2 winners), The third prize (3 winners)
11 to 15 years old: The first prize (1 winner), The second prize (2 winners), The third prize (3 winners)
Note: One of the first place winners from the two age categories will be selected for the Mayors for Peace President’s Award.

Prize-winning works

6-10 years old

Mayors for Peace President’s Award / First prize (1 winner):

Negar Gheibi in Bandar Abbas, Iran (8 years old)

《Message from the artist》
Each society has different wishes, religion, feelings, beliefs and ethnic. Therefore, we should respect all differences in a world without borders.

Second prize (2 winners):

Ichika Miyata in Isahaya, Japan (8 years old)

《Message from the artist》
I want the world to be peaceful, so I drew a picture of children around the world getting along with each other and standing hand in hand on Meganebashi Bridge. Beside Meganebashi Bridge, there is the Japanese yokai Amabie-san. Amabie-san saved a person named Taro. It was because Taro’s mother had caught a cold. So I thought if I draw a picture of Amabie-san, everyone in Isahaya City will be fine and healthy.

Roxana Rostami in Isfahan, Iran (7 years old)

《Message from the artist》
We children are always happy together and love each other and build a city as beautiful as flowers.

Third prize (3 winners):

Hoang Thanh Truc in Haiphong, Vietnam (7 years old)

《Message from the artist》
Welcome to my hometown.

Jasmin Körner in Herzogenaurach, Germany (10 years old)

《Message from the artist》
In my peaceful city, people are friendly and respect others as they are. Everyone knows everyone here and helps each other if necessary. My picture shows a friendly and happy togetherness!

Kotori Miyagawa in Kokubunji, Japan (9 years old)

《Message from the artist》
“Town where flowers are in full bloom”
Flowers make people happy with their smells, their colors, how they feel, the taste of their nectar, their shapes, and how they look when they bloom. So, the town becomes peaceful.
11-15 years old

First prize (1 winner)

Fatemeh Zahra Askari in Galugah, Iran (14 years old)

《Message from the artist》
The world is a beautiful place if countries smile.

Second prize (2 winners):

Asako Minamizono in Akita, Japan (14 years old)

《Message from the artist》
I believe that peace is a right for everyone on Earth, and that it should never be taken away by someone else. So I drew everyone getting along surrounding the word “peace,” in the hope that there will be less people who think of peace for all as not their business.

Ilia Afsharmand in Tehran, Iran (13 years old)

《Message from the artist》
I hate war and it is always my question why people and states quarrel? Because the earth has enough space for everyone.
My peaceful city has these elements:
  • 1. Safe and without any war.
  • 2. No pollution in the environment.
  • 3. Support for blind and disabled children.
  • 4. No child labor. Children have everything, such as clothes and bicycle. These things are not an unattainable dreams for them.
  • 5. Free animals and not catching fish.

Third prize (3 winners):

Narges Jahanbin in Baneh, Iran (14 years old)

《Message from the artist》
My painting is drawn with a pencil and I love all the tribes and every human being in any color together.

Nguyen Ngoc Nhi in Haiphong, Vietnam (12 years old)

《Message from the artist》
A world of peace is the aspiration of all kids in the world. The kids must live in love, regardless of color, race discrimination and no war. Let’s hold hands together so that the world will only remain with the love and compassion for human beings.

Yuina Kondo in Hatsukaichi, Japan (13 years old)

《Message from the artist》
Praying for world peace, I drew a heart-shaped balloon in the center, and balloons of various national flags surrounding it. Along with doves, which are symbols of peace, I added buildings that typically represent each country. In this way, I depicted my “peaceful towns.
Award ceremonies held in member cities

Award ceremonies were held in member cities, where mayors of winners’ cities of residence presented them with certificates and commemorative gifts.

Isahaya, Japan

Herzogenaurach, Germany

Kokubunji, Japan

Akita, Japan