The 11th Executive Conference of Mayors for Peace held

November 11 - 12, 2019 [Hannover, Germany]
11th Executive Conference of Mayors for Peace

The 11th Mayors for Peace Executive Conference was held in Hannover, in November, and 10 Executive Cities attended.

Participants discussed next Vision and Action Plan based on the assessment of the 2020 Vision and the progress of the Action Plan (2017-2020).

1 Dates
Nov. 11 (Mon) and 12 (Tue), 2019
2 Venue
Hannover, Germany
3 Participating
10 Cities
City (From oldest to newest) Representative
President Hiroshima (Japan) Mr. Kazumi Matsui (Mayor)
Vice Presidents Nagasaki (Japan) Mr. Tomihisa Taue (Mayor)
Hannover (Germany) Mr. Thomas Hermann (Vice Mayor)
Malakoff (France) Ms. Fatihat Alaudat (Vice Mayor)
Muntinlupa (Philippines) Mr. Jaime R Fresnedi (Mayor)
Manchester (UK) Mr. Eddy Newman (Former Lord Mayor)
Ypres (Belgium) Mr. Filip Deheegher (Head of Peace Department)
Biograd na Moru (Croatia) Mr. Ivan Knez (Mayor)
Granollers (Spain) Mr. Josep Mayoral (Mayor)
Executive Montreal (Canada) Ms. Lucie Lavoie (Senior Advisor)

Executive Advisors of Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation
  Ms. Jacqueline Cabasso
  Mr. Randy Rydell

4 Agendas
  1. Meeting I
  2.   Assessment of the 2020 Vision and progress report on Action Plan (2017-2020)
  3. Meeting II
  4.   Outlining the new Vision and Action Plan
  5. Meeting III
  6.   Presentation of peace initiatives by Executive Cities and assessment of priority items under the Action Plan (2017-2020)
  8.   ① Manchester: Peace education utilizing A-bombed trees
  9.   ② Muntinlupa: International Day of Peace event to raise peace consciousness
  10.   ③ Hannover: Membership recruitment efforts as a Lead City
  12.   ① Expand membership to support the agreed goals of Mayors for Peace, including the entry-into-force of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
  13.   ② Conduct peace education to raise awareness among future generations
  14.   ③ Strengthen support for existing projects to receive youths in Hiroshima and Nagasaki such as “The Youth Exchange for Peace Support Program”
  15. Meeting IV
  16.   Approval for launching an European Chapter and planning for activities in 2020
  17. Meeting V
  18.   Summary of the Conference
5 Resolution
The 11th Executive Conference of Mayors for Peace Summary Notes
6 Others

The 11th Executive Conference of Mayors for Peace held in Hannover (November, 2019)