Selection results: Mayors for Peace Children’s Art Competition “Peaceful Towns” 2021

January 17, 2022

In order to further promote peace education in member cities around the world, Mayors for Peace hosts an annual children’s art competition inviting children from 6 to 15 years old who live in Mayors for Peace member cities to submit artworks on the theme of “Peaceful Towns.” This is to announce that 12 prize-winning submissions have been selected for 2021, the fourth year of the competition.

The artwork that wins the Mayors for Peace President’s Award will be printed on clear folders which Mayors for Peace will be using to promote awareness of the importance of peace education on various occasions.

Submission period: From April 12 until November 1, 2021

Submissions received by member cities:
Total number of participating cities: 105 cities in 18 countries
Total Number of applications: 4,166 (6 to 10 years old: 2,303, 11 to 15 years old: 1,863)

Submissions received by the Secretariat after member cities’ screening:
6-10 years old: 294 applications from 86 cities in 18 countries
11-15 years old: 239 applications from 78 cities in 15 countries

Selection results:
6 to 10 years old: the 1st place (1 winner), the 2nd place (2 winners), the 3rd place (3 winners)
11 to 15 years old: the Mayors for Peace President’s Award / the 1st place (1 winner), the 2nd place (2 winners), the 3rd place (3 winners)
Note: One of the first place winners from the two age categories will be selected for the Mayors for Peace President’s Award.

Prize-winning works
6-10 years old

1st place (1 winner):

Helma Sadat Karimi in Aliabad-e Katul, Iran (7 years old)

2nd place (2 winners):

Melina Bassari in Tehran, Iran (9 years old)

《Message from the artist》
This is an angel of peace who goes to different cities and says do not fight together and be friends and laugh together and be happy. This bird gives an olive branch to people as a symbol of peace and friendship. Open your wings to protect the city of peace.

Ayana Yoshida in Handa, Japan (7 years old)

《Message from the artist》
It would be great if I could cross a rainbow to easily meet people around the world and make friends. I hope the entire world will be something like one community someday.

3rd place (3 winners):

Negar Gheibi in Bandar Abbas, Iran (9 years old)

《Message from the artist》
All the children respect to each other, despite our differences. We cooperate to make-peace in the world until we have a peaceful town in the universe.

Karen Ghobadi in Ghaemshahr, Iran (6 years old)

《Message from the artist》
Let us live in Peace.

Haruka Ikeda in Hiroshima, Japan (8years old)

《Message from the artist》
There are so many countries in the world, and various people are living there. Since COVID-19 started spreading around the world, we have not been able to go abroad or meet people in person for a long time. I would like to travel across various towns riding a Pegasus to make friends with people there and bring peace to the world.

11-15 years old

Mayors for Peace President’s Award / 1st place (1 winner)

Honoka Yamada in Hirohisma, Japan (14 years old)

《Message from the artist》
My home town of Hiroshima wishes for a peaceful world without nuclear weapons. We fold paper cranes with a prayer for peace. Regardless of different nationalities, skin color, culture and religion, our wishes for peace are borderless and connected by a rainbow bridge. This painting depicts people from various backgrounds holding hands and sharing paper cranes. Children from around the world cross over a rainbow on the back of paper cranes. With a wish for a world in which children can walk into a bright future in their “peaceful towns,” I designed the picture with a motif of glittering stained glass.

2nd place (2 winners):

Yeganeh Savar Delavar in Shiraz, Iran (13 years old)

《Message from the artist》
In this city, all the people of the world, regardless of language, race, skin color and occupation, help each other to eradicate a new virus called Corona, this empathy only happens in a peaceful land. This nurse, with all her being and with her deep and kind look, helps everyone so that we can give each other peace for the peaceful land of the planet. Life is beautiful, life is beautiful, and life is beautiful.

Kazutora Masuda in Sagamihara, Japan (14 years old)

《Message from the artist》
I drew this picture with the hope that children in the future can spend time together happily in a peaceful world free of conflicts.

3rd place (3 winners):

Reyhane Barghamadi in Tehran, Iran (14 years old)

《Message from the artist》
Hand in hand and with each other, life is more beautiful. Let ‘s go to the future with peace and friendship.

Nanami Shiomura in Hiroshima, Japan (15 years old)

《Message from the artist》
A town where all people can live safely, at ease, and free from discrimination regardless of their nationality or ethnicity. A town where all living things can live free and easy. A town full of warmth and love. A town where children can play with friends in parks and enjoy sports as much as they want. I decided to use the ever-changing beauty of the sky from morning to evening for my background, which is something I believe we should protect. This is my idea of a “peaceful town.”

Hazumi Chibana in Naha, Japan (12 years old)

《Message from the artist》
While we were enjoying a bonfire and fireworks at a camping site, animals came by. I think a world where people and animals can co-exist happily together is a peaceful town.