Invitation for applicants to the 2018 Mayors for Peace Youth Exchange for Peace: Support Program for “HIROSHIMA and PEACE”

Application Deadline: by 3 pm April 13, JST(+9), 2018

*Enrollement is closed.

Mayors for Peace has decided to provide opportunities to share the memories of the atomic bombings and the messages of A-bomb survivors with youth and future leaders from Mayors for Peace member cities around the world; to enhance the training of personnel to assist in the abolition of nuclear weapons and the creation of lasting world peace; and to strengthen our member city network through promoting exchanges.

As part of its efforts, Mayors for Peace has started a program to provide financial and other support to selected youth from member cities who would like to participate in the course, “HIROSHIMA and PEACE”, at Hiroshima City University. This is an intensive summer course in which students from around the world study and discuss Hiroshima and peace in English.

Please refer to the Application Guidelines for more information, such as applicant requirements and support details.

>Application Guidelines
>Outline of “HIROSHIMA and PEACE”
>Schedule of “HIROSHIMA and PEACE”
We request each member city to widely advertise this program in their city with the Application Guidelines, gather up interested local applicants, and submit required documents by email.

Hiroshima City University and the Mayors for Peace Secretariat will select the participants and notify member cities of the results in the middle of May 2018.

Maximum Number of Applicants per Member City: 3
Planned Number of Support Recipients: 6 from overseas member cities and 2 from Japanese member cities (8 in total)
*One recipient per member city in principle.
*Based on the year’s budget for this program, the Mayors for Peace Secretariat selects support recipients from those whose applications performed best in HCU’s application screening.

Application Deadline: Friday, April 13th, 2018, by 3pm in Japan Standard Time (UTC+9)

Required Application Documents:
Please note that all the application materials below must be sent by an applicant’s member city to the Mayors for Peace Secretariat

1. Materials that must be prepared by the youth applicant, then forwarded to their member city in separate attachments:
(i) 2018 “HIROSHIMA and PEACE” course application
(ii) Statement of Purpose (This is a single, A4-sized page which the applicant creates on their own. It must include a brief self-introduction and short essay on why the applicant wants to participate in this course, “Hiroshima and Peace”)
(iii) Form 2: Application Form for the Youth Exchange for Peace: Support Program for “HIROSHIMA and PEACE”
(iv) A certificate of an English proficiency test score (Score holders only)
*The documents (i) and (ii) are used for HCU’s consideration, while the documents (iii) and (iv) are for the Secretariat’s reference and support.

2. Application Form that must be completed by the applicant’s member city and submitted along with the materials above to the Mayors for Peace Secretariat:
Form 1: Application Form for the Youth Exchange for Peace: Support Program for “HIROSHIMA and PEACE”

Send Application Materials to

Mayors for Peace Secretariat
1-5 Nakajima-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima, 730-0811 Japan