Request to Promote Various Measures as Based in the 2013-2017 Mayors for Peace Action Plan

July 19, 2016

At the 8th General Conference of Mayors for Peace held in August 2013, an Action Plan for up to the year 2017 was decided on with the aim of raising international support for nuclear weapons abolition through a variety of different measures. You will find some examples of types of events you can organize throughout the year on the webpage below.

We would also be grateful if you could plan events especially on and around Hiroshima Day (August 6), Nagasaki Day (August 9) and the International Day of Peace (September 21) within your municipality or regional group.

1. Examples of Initiatives

The projects or events we ask your city to promote may be of any type, but we would appreciate the holding of an event listed in the Mayors for Peace Action Plan. Please refer to the examples below:
(1) Various Measures specified in the leaflet (available in several languages listed below)
>Link to “A request regarding the holding of various measures as based in the Mayors for Peace Action Plan”
>Pour les collectivités francophones, consultez la brochure “ Demande pour l’organisation de diverses activités suivant le plan d’action de Maires pour la Paix ”
>Pour les collectivités françaises, brochure «Mettre en oeuvre un Programme Local d’Actions pour une Culture de la Paix (PLACP): Outils Pratiques » réalisée par la branche française de Maires pour la Paix, l’AFCDRP-Maires pour la Paix France Comptes rendus d’activités à adresser à :
>Link to “La Ejecución de los Esfuerzos Basados en el Plan de Acción de la conferencia de Alcaldes por la Paz”
>Link to “Sobre a Realização de Iniciativas Baseadas no Plano de Ação da rede Prefeitos pela Paz” (PDF) >Link to “Durchführung verschiedener Maßnahmen gemäß Aktionsplan der Mayors for Peace-Konferenz”

(2) Other examples of projects
– Commemorative events on and around Hiroshima Day (August 6) and Nagasaki Day (August 9)
– Events related to the International Day of Peace (September 21)
and others

2. Report Submission Reques

We would appreciate the submission of a project report including the content of the project afterwards to the Secretariat.
Please enter the content using the report form provided below. Additional information such as photos of the event and a link to a website showing details of the event are also welcome.
We will share the received reports on the Mayors for Peace website, etc.
>Link to the Report form (Word)

3. Reports from Member Cities

The following webpages displays a list of project reports we have received from various member cities:
>Link to the Report form (Word)

The following webpages displays a list of event reports we have received from various member municipalities as commemorative events for the 70th anniversity of the A-bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki implemented in the period from January 2015 to March 2016:
>Link to the list of commemorative events