DVD Rental for Screenings in Mayors for Peace Member Cities

November 6, 2014

1. Overview
In order to spread the reality of the effects of the atomic bombing, we would like to rent out DVDs for screenings in Mayors for Peace member cities. The DVDs available for this project are “On a Paper Crane -Tomoko’s Adventure”, a story related to Sadako Sasaki, a girl in Hiroshima who died when she was 12 years old while folding paper cranes, and “Junod”, an animated film depicting half of the life of Dr. Marcel Junod, a Swiss doctor from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) who carried out medical activities in Hiroshima after the bombing and saved many lives. Please utilize these DVDs for peace events in your city.

2. DVDs available for rental
(1)“On a Paper Crane – Tomoko’s Adventure” (animation)

Running time
27 minutes
Elementary school sixth-grade student Tomoko meets a girl named Sadako in front of the Children’s Peace Monument in Peace Memorial Park. Tomoko learns from Sadako about the atomic bombing on August 6, 1945, and about what happened to Sadako afterwards.
Sadako Sasaki, the model for Sadako, was born in 1943 and experienced the bombing at two years of age. She grew up into a healthy young girl, but ten years after the bombing, was suddenly diagnosed with leukemia and hospitalized. Inspired by the 1,000 paper cranes gifted to her by those who came to visit her in the hospital, she started folding cranes with the wish to live, but at the end of an eight-month hospitalization, passed away surrounded by family.
Afterwards, her classmates began raising funds, and the Children’s Peace Monument was built.
Languages available
Japanese (Audio/Subtitles), English (Audio only), and French (Audio only)
(2) “Junod”(animation)
Running time
63 minutes
Middle school students Mii and Yuko visit Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, and come across the monument dedicated to Dr. Junod. At that moment, the consciousness of the two girls reaches across time and space and flies to Europe over 70 years ago, where they learned about the life of Dr. Junod, who reached out to the suffering survivors in the battlefields. Dr. Marcel Junod, the Swiss doctor from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), carried out humanitarian aid for sufferers of the war in Ethiopia and the Spanish Civil War, as well as World War II. While serving as head of the ICRC delegation in Japan, he saw the tragedy of Hiroshima after the bombing, and along with calling to the GHQ for support with medicine and medical supplies, carried out medical activities himself – saving the lives of many A-bomb survivors. This animation depicts half of Dr. Junod’s life.
Languages available
English (Subtitles only) and Japanese (Audio/Subtitles)

3. Rental period
Two weeks, excluding shipping time. However, this may change as based on approval granted by the Mayors for Peace Secretariat (hereafter: secretariat).

4. The process of rental

  1. Mayors of Peace member cities abroad (hereafter: member cities) submit the Application for DVD Rental and Approval for Use to the secretariat by e-mail or fax to receive approval.
  2. A total of two DVDs can be rented at one time, one of each of the above.
  3. The secretariat sends the DVD(s) to the member cities by post.
  4. After the screening, the member city submits a Rented DVD Screening Report to the secretariat by e-mail, and sends the DVD(s) back as soon as possible.

5. Covering of expenses

  1. The secretariat will cover expenses related to shipping the DVD(s) to member cities, and member cities will cover expenses related to shipping the DVD(s) back to the secretariat.
  2. Member cities will be responsible for compensation in the case of damage or loss of the DVD(s) during the period of rental.

6. Other points
Upon screening the DVD(s), we ask for a citizen petition drive for commencing negotiations towards a nuclear weapons convention, etc. to be carried out at the venue, if at all possible.

◇Download Application and Report Forms◇ [Limited to member cities]
>Click here to download Application Form
>Click here to download Report Form
>E-mail to: mayorcon@pcf.city.hiroshima.jp
>Click here to download the PDF version of the description of the DVD Rental for Screenings in Mayors for Peace Member Cities