A joint statement by mayors and parliamentarians released

May 27, 2005

The following statement was released by mayors and members of parliamentsAs mayors and legislators we have a role to protect the security of citizens living within our jurisdictions and to protect our localities for future generations. and congresses, meeting in conjunction with the 7th Review Conference of the
Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons in May 2005, and has been
endorsed by the mayors and national legislators listed below:

As mayors and legislators we have a role to protect the security of citizens
living within our jurisdictions and to protect our localities for future

Such security is not advanced when there remain 30,000 nuclear weapons,
many of which are deployed and ready for use at short notice. The risk of
nuclear weapons use – by accident, design or miscalculation ? is increasing due
to the proliferation of nuclear weapons to new States, the possibility of non-
State access to nuclear weapons and bomb-building materials, and the
expanded nuclear weapons use doctrines of the nuclear weapon States.

Regardless of where nuclear weapons are targeted or detonated, or whether
they are used by terrorist organisations or State militaries, no-one would
escape the calamitous consequences of a nuclear attack. Even cities that are
not the direct brunt of an attack would feel the global economic, social and
medical repercussions, which would dwarf those of 9/11. Any nuclear weapons
use would cause unimaginable devastation requiring massive aid, global effects
from nuclear fall-out and a rise in refugees seeking to escape the most contaminated regions.

The only way to prevent nuclear weapons use is to eliminate all nuclear
weapons as mandated by Article VI of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and
the 1996 International Court of Justice Advisory Opinion on the Legality of the
Threat or Use of Nuclear Weapons. Mayors for Peace have provided a vision
for the achievement of a nuclear weapons free world by 2020.

Therefore, we the undersigned mayors and parliamentarians, call for the
commencement of negotiations which would culminate in the comprehensive
abolition and elimination of nuclear weapons and the international control of
nuclear materials to prevent clandestine bomb-making.

If a small number of States continue to prevent such negotiations being
initiated at the Conference on Disarmament and also at the NPT Review
Conferences, then governments should be encouraged to find an alternative
track to nuclear disarmament as was done with the Landmines Convention.

The overwhelming majority of citizens in our cities, countries and around the
world support the abolition of these ultimate weapons of mass destruction, and
we mayors and legislators have a responsibility to use our authority to ensure
the implementation of this imperative.


Tadatoshi Akiba, Mayor of Hiroshima, Japan

Yzermans Alain, Mayor of Houthalen-Helchteren, Belgium

Senator Lyn Allison, Australia

Senator Abacca Anjain-Maddison, Marshall Islands

Hon. Larry Bagnell, P.C. M.P, Canada

Chris Balance MSP, Scotland

Tim Barnett MP, New Zealand

Senator Andrew Bartlett, Australia

Angelika Beer, Member of the European Parliament (MEP)

Eddie de Bloack, Mayor, Merchtem, Belgium

Senator Stefano Boco, Italy

Hartmut Bopp, Mayor of Aarbergen, Germany

Rosa Maria Bonas i Pahisa MP, Spain

Senator Massimo Bonavita, Italy

Jozef de Borger, Mayor Gemeente Londerzeel, Belgium

Hiltrud Breyer MdEP

Dr Andre Brie, MEP

Senator Bob Brown, Australia

Dr. Charles Yaw Brempong-Yeboah MP, Ghana

Senator Giovanni Brunale, Italy

Senator Paolo Brutti, Italy

Jim Burch, Mayor of Palo Alto, California, USA

Raphael Chegeni MP, Tanzania

Arthur Chesterfield Evans MP, Australia

Keiko Chiba MP, Japan

Senator Nando Dalla Chiesa, Italy

David N. Cicilline Mayor of Providence, USA

Dave Cieslewicz, Mayor of Madison, USA

Ian Cohen MP, Australia

Frank Cook MP, United Kingdom

Raffaele Cortesi, Mayor of Lugo (Ra) Italy

Senator Fiorello Cortiana, Italy

Libby Davies MP, Canada

Luc Dehaene, Mayor of Ieper, Belgium

Elettra Deiana MP, Italy

Roel Deseyn, MP, Belgium

Senator Anna Donati, Italy

Vera Dua, MP, Belgium

Jill Evans MEP

Hans Eyssen, Mayor Holsbeek, Belgium

Senator Antonello Falomi, Italy

Senator Angelo Flammia, Italy

Pietro Folena MP, Italy

Daniel Fontaine, Mayor of Aubagne, France

Deb Foskey MP, Australia

Monica Frassoni, Member of the European Parliament

Antonelle Friestein, Representing the Mayor of Viorglio, Italy

Senator Pierre Galand, Belgium

Eloi Glorieux MP, Belgium

Senator Leopoldo Di Girolamo, Italy

Councillor Brian Gregson, for the Convener, Shetland Islands Council

Senator Brian Greig, Australia

Paul Van Grembergen, Mayor Evergem, Belgium

Edith Cuttat Gyger, Municipalite de Delemont

Sylvia Hale MP, Australia

David Hammerstein MEP

Agne Hansson MP, Sweden

Rebecca Harms MEP

Satu Hassi, MEP

Lotta Hedstrom MP, Sweden

Heide Ruehle MEP

RogerHeyvaert, Mayor of Meise, Belgium

David T. Hildt, Mayor of Amesbury, Massachusetts, USA

Alain Hutchinson MEP

Satoshi Inoue MP, Japan

Tadashi Inuzuka MP, Japan

Senator Nuccio Iovene, Italy

Marie Anne Isler Beguin, MEP

Patrick Janssens Mayor, Belgium

Jenny Jones, Representing the Mayor of London

Gisela Kallenbach MEP

Sandra Kanck, Australia

Seiichi Kaneta, MP, Japan

Sylvia-Yvonne Kaufmann MEP

Sergey Kolesnikov MP, Russia

Dirk de Kort, Mayor of Brasschaat, Belgium

Rep Dennis Kucinich, USA

Willy Kuijpers, Mayor of Herent, Belgium

Jean Lambert, MEP

Hallgeir Langeland MP, Norway

Carmen Lawrence MP, Australia

Hon. Jack Layton MP, Canada

Etienne LePage, Mayor of Erpe-Mere, Belgium

Bruno de Lille, Deputy Mayor, Belgium

Keith Locke MP, Aotearoa-New Zealand

Senator Aleandro Longhi, Italy

Herman De Loor, Mayor of Zottegem, Belgium

Josiane Lowie, Mayor of Staden, Belgium

Caroline Lucas, Member of the European Parliament

Lynn MacLaren MP, Australia

Magnar Bergo, MP Norway

Senator Luigi Malabarba, Italy

Dr Wayne Mapp MP, New Zealand

Catherine Margate, Mayor of Malakoff, France

Dee Margetts MP, Australia

Senator Luigi Marino, Italy

Tony Martin MP, Canada

Senator Francesco Martone, Italy

Brian Masse MP, Canada

Alexa McDonough MP, Canada

Willy Minnebo, Mayor of Zwijndrecht, Belgium

Luisa Morgantini, Member of European Parliament

Senator Andrew Murray, Australia

Masaharu Nakagawa MP, Japan

Senator Kerry Nettle, Australia

Gerard Onesta, Vice-President European Parliament

Walter Van Parijs, Mayor of Beernem, Belgium

Claes Paul, Mayor of Pepingen, Belgium

President Filippo Penati, Province of Milan

Senator Oskar Peterlini, Italy

Luc Peetermans, Mayor, Kerkstraat, Belgium

Tobias Pflueger MEP

Ingrid Pira, Mayor, Belgium

Senator Leo Platvoet, Netherlands

Eddy Poffe, Mayor of Tienen, Belgium

Bob Price, Lord Mayor of Oxford, United Kingdom

Darren Ray, Mayor Port Phillip, Australia

Lee Rhiannon MP, Australia

Senator Aden Ridgeway, Australia

Senator Natale Ripamonti, Italy

Cllr Bill Risby, former Lord Mayor, Manchester City Council, England

Ross Robertson MP, New Zealand

Matt Robson MP, New Zealand

Senator Emeritus Douglas Roche, Canada

Raul Romera MEP

Claes Roxbergh MP, Sweden

Senator Dulce Maria Sauri Riancho, Mexico

Senator Piero di Siena, Italy

Bill Siksay MP, Canada

Hon Nick Smith MP, New Zealand

Warren Snowdon MP, Australia

Senator Tommaso Sodano, Italy

Lesley Soper MP, New Zealand

Bart Staes, MEP

Peter Stoffer MP, Canada

Senator Natasha Stott Despoja, Australia

Tsuneo Suzuki MP, Japan

Adolfo R. Taylhardat, Member of the Parliament of Latin America

Koen T’Sijen, MP, Belgium

Senator Patrick Vankrunkelsven, Belgium

Daniel Vanpoucke, Mayor of Meulebeke, Belgium
Hendrik Verbrugge, Mayor of Alken, Belgium.

Roger Verduyckt, Mayor of Begijnendijk,


Jan Verheyden Mayor of Tessenderlo, Belgium

Mayor De Vis Dirk, Ham, Belgium

Senator Luigi Viviani, Italy

Senator Tana de Zulueta, Italy