An elected official from Yzeure and the citizens’ peace group organize a public debate on the government’s move to modernize France’s nuclear arsenal

June 8, 2023[Yzeure, France]

Report by Ms. Loréna Schlicht, AFCDRP–Mayors for Peace France

On Thursday, June 8, 2023, Laëtitia Planche, an elected representative of Yzeure, AFCDRP–Mayors for Peace member city, together with the citizens’ peace group, the Moulins “Peace” collective, organized a public debate in Avermes, Allier. The topic of this debate was the 2024–30 French defense budget announced by President Macron, which aims to modernize France’s nuclear arsenal. More than forty participants took part in a lively debate that highlighted the need to raise awareness about this move towards nuclear development, which contradicts international norms against nuclear weapons, environmental goals, and human needs. Councillor Planche explained to the audience the goal of promoting the culture of peace and the importance of city diplomacy in voicing opposition to the use of nuclear weapons. Furthermore, she called for the development of the Mayors for Peace network in France through the peace citizens’ movement.

Photo: courtesy of AFCDRP–Mayors for Peace France