Nine UK member cities receive seeds of Hiroshima’s atomic bomb survivor ginkgo tree

June,2023[UK&Ireland Chapter]

Report by Mr. Richard Outram, UK and Ireland Mayors for Peace Chapter Secretary

UK/Ireland Chapter Secretary Richard Outram was pleased to post seeds harvested from the ginkgo tree which survived the Hiroshima atomic bombing to nine Mayors for Peace towns and cities in the UK.

Mr Outram had the chance to visit the survivor tree located in the Shukkeien Garden in person whilst he was on an internship with the Hiroshima Mayors for Peace Secretariat in January and vowed on his return to promote greater take-up of the kind offer of seeds from Mayors for Peace President, Mayor Matsui of Hiroshima.

Amongst the recipients was the very aptly named Curator of the Glasgow Botanic Gardens, Mr Hiro Shimai, who will be caring for the seeds allocated to Glasgow City and Renfrewshire Councils until they are saplings and ready for planting.

The seeds for Glasgow were sown on the 19 June, and those for Renfrewshire on the 21 June. Mr Shimai reports that one ginkgo seed of Renfrewshire has germinated (photo), and the rest will germinate soon.

The take-up of seeds will be promoted again in the autumn after a ginkgo sapling is planted in Manchester’s Heaton Park by the Lord Mayor to mark the UN International Day of Peace.

Photo: courtesy of Mr Hiro Shimai