AFCDRP–Mayors for Peace France raises awareness of nuclear disarmament in cooperation with Maison du Japon

February ーMarch, 2023[French Chapter]

Report by Ms. Loréna Schlicht, AFCDRP–Mayors for Peace France

In February and March 2023, AFCDRP–Mayors for Peace France organized two events to raise awareness of nuclear disarmament among Japanese and international students in Paris in cooperation with Maison du Japon, Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris.

First, in a one-day seminar at Maison du Japon on February 25, Loréna Schlicht and Miho Shima Cibot on behalf of AFCDRP–Mayors for Peace France gave a presentation on the Mayors for Peace network, the history of nuclear weapons and issues posed by them, and the history of peace movements, which was followed by a discussion with the students. Second, on March 22, AFCDRP–Mayors for Peace and Maison du Japon screened Prophecy, the documentary on the atomic bombings directed by Susumu Hani , and held a photo exhibition on the consequences of nuclear weapons for several days  in the lounge of Maison du Japon.

These events, made possible by the invitation from Director of Maison du Japon, Professor Maki Nishiumi of Chuo University, Japan, are part of the efforts of AFCDRP–Mayors for Peace to develop new projects in partnership with associations of Japanese residents in France aiming at raising awareness of the realities of nuclear weapons and the importance of peace.

Photos: courtesy of the Mayors for Peace FranceーAFCDRP