Report on the peace events in 2019

August - December 2019 [Mirano, Italy]

The City of Mirano, a member of Mayors for Peace since 2014, organized three peace events last year.

1) Flash mob on August 5th
On the occasion of the 74th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a series of peace events were held by “Tavolo Intercomunale per la Pace” (The Inter-communal Table for Peace), an association of cities for peace that involves five cities in northern Italy: Mira, Mirano, Noale, Salzano, Spinea. The City of Mirano organized a flashmob titled “Tu che ne sai di Hiroshima?” (‘What do you know about Hiroshima?’) performed in the main square of Mirano on August 5.
>Video of the flashmob available on the YouTube

2) Planting of a second-generation A-bombed tree
In 2017, the City received seeds from a ginkgo biloba whose mother tree was exposed to the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. After that, the students of a local agricultural school named “8 marzo-Lorenz” cultivated the seeds and on November 5th, nine of the seedlings were planted in Rabin Park, a city garden dedicated to peace. Mirano also donated three of the seedlings that the city had been growing to its neighbouring municipality Mira.
>Photos of the planting on the City of Mirano’s Facebook

3) Inviting municipalities in the Metropolitan City of Venice to join Mayors for Peace
In December, Maria Rosa Pavanello (the Mayor of Mirano), Francesco Venturini (a Mirano City Councillor and delegate to peace politics), and Vincenzo Guanci, the coordinator of “Centro per la pace e la legalità” (City Association for Peace and Legality), sent a joint letter to all the municipalities in the Metropolitan City of Venice to invite them to join Mayors for Peace, explaining the aim of Mayors for Peace and how to join the network.