“Bangkok Master Plan on Climate Change 2013-2023”

2013 - 2023 [Bangkok, Thailand]

Report from the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA)

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, joined Mayors for Peace in 2011 and serves as an Executive City of Mayors for Peace and the Lead City for the Thailand Chapter. Among the City’s various efforts to contribute to “Realization of safe and resilient cites”, one of the two main objectives of Mayors for Peace, is reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the face of climate challenges.

As a rapidly expanding metropolis with more than 10 million people, Bangkok has the largest amount of greenhouse gas emissions in the country. Fully aware of the increasing risks of natural disasters, as indicated by the flood crisis of 2011, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) wishes to make a contribution to the international community’s efforts to reduce carbon emission and conserve our planet, as well as increasing its resilience.

The report describes the “Bangkok Master Plan on Climate Change 2013-2023”, which has been designed as the BMA’s basic policy document to deal with the impacts of climate change.

>Bangkok Master Plan on Climate Change 2013-2023