The 2nd Ordinary General Assembly of Catalan Chapter of Mayors for Peace

June 25, 2018 [Catalan Chapter]

The Catalan Chapter of Mayors for Peace held its 2nd Ordinary General Assembly on June 25th in Granollers. Some 30 mayors, deputy mayors and technical advisors from different city councils from all over Catalonia attended the meeting. The conference served to share the efforts developed during past years under the responsibility of the Secretariat of the Catalan Chapter of Mayors for Peace, report results from these activities and adopt an action plan for the following years 2018-2020.

Mayor Mayoral, the President of the Catalan Chapter and the person responsible for leading the conference, pointed out the upcoming establishment of the European Chapter of Mayors for Peace, the digital creation of a database with materials and resources for cities related to peace education, the publication of a document that will provide guidelines for the cities in order to develop local action plans for peace and the celebration of the 2nd World Forum Against Violence and for Peace Education in Madrid.

In Catalonia, over 200 cities belong to the Catalan Chapter of Mayors for Peace, a clear demonstration of the strength and dynamism of Catalan municipalities in the field of peace culture, solidarity and the defence of human rights.

>Report with photos on the Mayors for Peace Catalan Chapter website (in Catalan)

(Photo Courtesy of the Catalan Chapter of Mayors fo Peace)