Donation of a seedling of an A-bombed Ginkgo tree to Hannover YMCA

January 22, 2018 [Hannover, Germany]

The City of Hannover, a Vice President and Lead City of the German Chapter, has grown second-generation seedlings of an A-bombed Ginkgo tree since the city received seeds from its sister city Hiroshima in 2014.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the youth exchange program between Hiroshima YMCA and Hannover YMCA, the City of Hannover donated one of the seedlings to Hannover YMCA. On January 22, the donation ceremony took place at Hannover City Hall with the presence of Mayor Schostok of Hannover, the delegation of Hiroshima YMCA, and representatives from Hannover YMCA. The donated seedling will be planted in spring at Camp Abbensen, which is located in a suburb of Hannover. It is hoped that the A-bombed Ginkgo tree will convey the message of Hiroshima to the many youth visiting the campsite.

>Report and photo on the City of Hannover’s website (in German)