City of Cervia invited an A-bomb survivor from Hiroshima to meet with citizens

May 31 - June 5, 2017 [Cervia, Italy]

The City of Cervia, a member city since 2006, invited Ms. Tamiko Shiraishi, an A-bomb survivor of Hiroshima, to visit Italy from May 31 to June 5.

Cervia has been engaged in various peace activities especially targeting young generations, including the planting of the second generation of an A-bombed ginkgo tree in 2015. In 2016, the children at Cervia’s elementary school “M. Buonarroti of Montaletto di Cervia” listened to the testimony of Ms. Shiraishi connecting the school and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. The web conference led to the invitation of Ms. Shiraishi to the city this time.

During her stay in Cervia, Ms. Shiraishi gave her testimony at local schools, met the Mayor of Cervia Luca Coffari, City Councilors, Mr. Daniele Santi, Secretary General of a peace group “Senzatomica,”and interacted with citizens at events including one held on Italy’s Republic Day, when people think about war and peace.

Ms. Shiraishi also visited Ravenna, a neighboring city of Cervia and also a member of Mayors for Peace.

Mrs. Shiraishi’s visit to Italy was made possible primarily due to Ms. Antonina Cenci, a City Councilor who had been promoting peace education in Cervia.

A-bomb survivor testimony at a vocational school in Cervia  Meeting with City Council Members of Cervia
Visiting the second generation of A-bombed gingko tree of Hiroshima donated by the Mayor of Aalen to Cervia  Attending a local event to celebrate the Republic Day of Italy
Meeting with citizens of Cervia Ms. Shiraishi with the Mayor of Cervia
 Photos courtesy of City of Cervia and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum 

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