The itinerant exhibition “Hiroshima-Nagasaki: For a world free from nuclear weapons” has opened in the city of Vila-real

January 12 - February 12, 2017 [Vila-real and Granollers, Spain]

In collaboration with Mayors for Peace, the city of Vila-real has put the itinerant exhibition on display at the Casa Polo Museum from the 12th of January to the 12th of February. Their aim is to promote peace and foster public support for the abolition of nuclear weapons. They received the exhibition, titled “Hiroshima-Nagasaki: For a world free from nuclear weapons”, through the Mayors for Peace framework.

The opening ceremony was led by Josep Mayoral, the Mayor of Granollers and a vice president of Mayors for Peace. José Benlloch, the Mayor of Vila-real, and other persons from the town council were also in prominent attendance. Since 2015 the exhibition has been traveling around different Spanish cities in order to spread the word about the inhumane cruelty of nuclear weapons and the need for a treaty to ban them. The exhibition is a joint production by the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Peace Museums and the City Council of Granollers in collaboration with Mayors for Peace.

At the inauguration, a second-generation seedling of an A-bombed Ginkgo tree was also planted in the Museum’s garden. As a Vice President and Lead City of Mayors for Peace, Granollers has committed to receive and distribute these seeds and seedlings as an important part of the Mayors for Peace Action Plan. It is hoped that the seedlings of surviving A-bombed trees will raise awareness and grow to become symbols of peace and environmental preservation.

Both the exhibition and the planting of the ginkgo tree show the firm commitment of the City Council of Vila-real and the city of Granollers to prevent any repetition of the A-bomb tragedy, to raise awareness about the inhumane cruelty of nuclear weapons, and to continue to work for their urgent abolition.

>Report on the City of Granollers’ website (in Catalan)

José Benlloch, Mayor of Vila-real and Josep Mayoral, Mayor of Granollers and a vice-president of Mayors for Peace introduced the exhibition.

The mayors planting the seedling of the A-bombed ginkgo tree in the Museum’s garden. Mayor Benlloch is on the left and Mayor Mayoral is on the right.

(Photos courtesy of the City of Granollers)