Award ceremonies celebrate winners of the Children’s Art Competition “Peaceful Towns” 2023

[Across 13 cities in 8 countries]

In order to expand peace education efforts in its member cities, Mayors for Peace has been holding an annual Children’s Art Competition “Peaceful Towns” for children living in all member cities. For the 2023 competition, a total of 4,766 artworks were submitted to 115 member cities in 19 countries and 15 artworks won awards.

To celebrate the award winners, mayors and school officials held award ceremonies. Award winners were congratulated and handed certificates and commemorative gifts.

We hope that the Children’s Art Competition “Peaceful Towns” provide children with an opportunity to think about peace through creating artworks. This year as well, we plan to hold the Children’s Art Competition “Peaceful Towns” 2024, and we look forward to your city’s participation!

Seiyo, Japan

Urayasu, Japan


Shahinshahr, Iran

Chemnitz, Germany

Marl, Germany

Hiroshima, Japan

Grigny, France

Leuven, Belgium

Reykjavik, Iceland

Thiene, Italy

Nova Ushytsia, Ukraine