Selection results: Mayors for Peace Children’s Art Competition “Peaceful Towns” 2022

December 27, 2022

In order to further promote peace education in member cities around the world, Mayors for Peace hosts an annual children’s art competition inviting children from 6 to 15 years old who live in Mayors for Peace member cities to submit artworks on the theme of “Peaceful Towns.” This is to announce that 15 prize-winning submissions have been selected for 2022, the fifth year of the competition.

The artwork that wins the Mayors for Peace President’s Award will be printed on clear folders which Mayors for Peace will be using to promote awareness of the importance of peace education on various occasions.

Submission period: From April 20 until October 31, 2022

Submissions received by member cities:
Total number of participating cities: 86 cities in 15 countries
Total Number of applications: 8,644 (6 to 10 years old: 4,304, 11 to 15 years old: 4,340)

Submissions received by the Secretariat after member cities’ screening:
6-10 years old: 239 applications from 66 cities in 14 countries
11-15 years old: 250 applications from 71 cities in 14 countries

Selection results:
6 to 10 years old: the Mayors for Peace President’s Award /the 1st place (1 winner), the 2nd place (2 winners), the 3rd place (3 winners)
11 to 15 years old: the 1st place (1 winner), the 2nd place (2 winners), the 3rd place (3 winners)
Special prize (3 winner)
Note: One of the first place winners from the two age categories has been selected for the Mayors for Peace President’s Award.
Note: 3 special prizes have been selected regardless of the category.

Prize-winning works
6-10 years old

Mayors for Peace President’s Award / 1st place (1 winner)

Kuga Kanematsu in Obu, Japan (10 years old)

《Message from the artist》
I think it is very fortunate that we can share the joy of eating delicious food even if we have different languages and cultures.
It would be very peaceful and fun if we, as fellow human beings, could eat together at the same table. I wish for a world without war, where we all live happily with a smile.

2nd place (2 winners):

Nabiha Uddin in Thiene, Italy (8 years old)

《Message from the artist》
It is necessary to imagine a different reality: the only place where weapons belong to is underfoot.

Lucy Gauntlett in Tasman, New Zealand (7 years old)

《Message from the artist》
I was reading under a tree in the town’s park. I saw my friend Naomi and Dakota walking Naomi’s dog. I could hear the sound of peaceful music. I
could see the peaceful pond of fish. I could see
someone practicing yoga. I could see people
walking their pets. It was a peaceful park. I felt
happy in the fresh air.

3rd place (3 winners):

Asahi Miki in Komae, Japan (9 years old)

《Message from the artist》
I drew this picture because I imagine that, in a peaceful town where everyone can live happily, there is a big heart like a colorful rainbow. You can see the heart popping out a little.
May everyone’s life be filled with smiles.

Nana Miura in Hiroshima, Japan (7 years old)

《Message from the artist》
I hope all countries are free of war. I was born and grew up in Hiroshima. Oleanders bloomed after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, so I hope these flowers will bring peace.

Aria Robertson in Tasman, New Zealand (10 years old)

《Message from the artist》
My vision is for there to be more acceptance of
and love and peace for all people in all
communities around the world.

11-15 years old

1st place (1 winner)

Collien Gröbner in Chemnitz, Germany (14 years old)

《Message from the artist》
Title: My view of peace in our city
Through our eyes we can perceive so much, but everyone has a different view of something, although we can all see the same thing. I think peace should be visible in every eye!

2nd place (2 winners):

Kokoro Nishizawa in Obu, Japan (15 years old)

《Message from the artist》
I hope that all people in the world cooperate with each other to bring peace.

Nana Nakata in Hiroshima, Japan (14 years old)

《Message from the artist》
I think that the world where everyone cherishes the earth is peaceful. The earth where we live now is polluted and damaged by us, human beings. If we don’t take immediate actions against it, the earth may perish. We should stop wars currently happening all over the world as well as the development of products that will harm the environment. Instead, we should notice and learn what the earth is like now, and work together to save and protect it. That is my thought that I put into this work.

3rd place (3 winners):

Amane Miki in Komae, Japan (12 years old)

《Message from the artist》
In a peaceful town, there is no economic inequality nor racial discrimination. Roofs of houses there are shaped like stairs without up and down. Everyone lives freely with a smile and are connected to each other. This is the “Peaceful Town” that I drew.

Yuriko Togo in Hiroshima, Japan (13 years old)

《Message from the artist》
This is a picture of giving a peace hand sign toward a town. I colored the hand with paints and the town with colored pencils.
Most of the houses in my town have white walls and dark brown or black roofs. Black and white houses are not interesting and don’t make us feel happy. Therefore, in the town in this picture, I painted houses with various colors to make us feel excited. When we feel happy and excited, we feel peaceful. Roads are usually made of concrete, but here they are covered with soil and grass. We feel comfortable when we are surrounded by rich nature. When we feel comfortable, we feel it is peaceful. In the peaceful town that I imagine as a 13-year-old girl, people are always excited and happy, and it is always full of nature.

Iana Dela Cuesta in Muntinlupa, Philippines (14 years old)

《Message from the artist》
The art that I have made in this theme was focused on the people who lives in their different countries which we can see on their national cultural wear. I have centered Japan and Philippines between each other. The crossed arm of Japan and Philippines have made a transition to make the sign of peace that is showing that the countries are in peace.The pennant on the top of the poster shows that it contains the different countries on it. This show the unity and feast of fiesta we usually see pennants on different gatherings, that is the reason why I have included that on my poster to show the unity, peaceful and hope to the whole world. There is always saying, “United we stand, divided we fall” so that we must be unite. No discrimination, no fighting.

Special prize(3 winners):

Jakub Cardyn in Leuven, Belgium (12 years old)

《Message from the artist》
It doesn’t matter where you live, in Leuven, NY, Moscow or Abu Dhabi, peace should be everywhere – like blue sky over the cities. Little heart is with Ukrainian flag, as a sign that I am thinking of war there. The moon says: it’s getting late –let’s get to it right away.

Aoi Abe in Otofuke, Japan (15 years old)

《Message from the artist》
In this picture, a dove, known as a sign of peace, is traveling around the earth. I realized that I can appreciate the beauty of cherry blossoms, a symbolic flower of Japan, owing to the peaceful environment I live in. I hope that we get together with people from all over the world under cherry blossoms on some spring day after the COVID-19 pandemic has been contained.

Koyo Yanohara in Takayama, Japan (8 years old)

《Message from the artist》
Animals can also live freely. I put my wish into this picture: “everyone can live in peace, live in peace”.

Featuring: Haiphong city’s initiative

The number of artworks submitted to this year’s contest was more than double that of the one last year. Haiphong city, Viet Nam, contributed greatly to this. Artworks submitted from Haiphong narrowly missed the awards, unfortunately, yet, notably, they had great success in collecting 4,369 entries as a result of calling all schools in the city to consider participating in the contest. Other than the artworks submitted to the Secretariat for screening, schools and local communities had set their own awards. In some cases, artworks to be awarded were chosen by citizens’ votes, we were informed.

The Secretariat plans to conduct the contest next year (2023), too, and member cities are encouraged to call children in their cities to participate in it, referring to how Haiphong city made use of this year’s contest. We very much look forward to your city’s participation.