Questionnaire for the 9th General Conference of Mayors for Peace

September 9, 2016
1. Questionnaire

Mayors for Peace holds general conferences once every four years. The next will be the 9th conference and is scheduled in Nagasaki from August 7 through 10, 2017. Since our last general conference in Hiroshima in August 2013, we have been working tirelessly to promote our campaigns for nuclear disarmament, through our participation in international conferences such as the NPT Review Conference and the United Nations Open-ended Working Group sessions, release of open letters, and various other opportunities.

A number of significant events have taken place in Hiroshima and Nagasaki over the last year, which we believe are adding to growing global momentum toward nuclear disarmament. A Pugwash Conference was held in Nagasaki in November 2015, the landmark year of 70th anniversary of the atomic bombings. In April this year, Hiroshima hosted the G7 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting and in May, U.S. President Barack Obama made a visit to Hiroshima as the first sitting American president to do so.

The forthcoming General Conference will provide a vital opportunity for us to discuss and make plans for our initiatives through 2020, measures to promote regional activities, and other topics. We sincerely hope that you will come to Nagasaki next year to attend this important conference and we would also like to start budgeting for your delegation’s transportation fee and registration fee (approx. 12,000 Japanese Yen per person, to be determined).

To ensure that this General Conference is guided by our member cities, we would welcome your opinions expressed through the attached questionnaire. Please fill it in and return it by e-mail, fax or physical mail to the Secretariat in Hiroshima by Friday, September 30. You can also download the form in English, Spanish, German, and French through the links below. Please help us make sure the General Conference meets your needs and expectations.

2. Questionnaire (Microsoft Word)

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※Note: This questionnaire is for the member cities of Mayors for Peace.

3. Place and deadline for submitting

(1)Deadline: Friday, 30 September, 2016
(2)Place for submitting
① E-mail :
② FAX : +81 82 242 7452
③ Address: Mayors for Peace Secretariat
Peace and International Solidarity Promotion Division
Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation
1-5 Nakajima-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima

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