The 8th Executive Conference of Mayors for Peace held

November 9 - 10, 2011 [Granollers, Spain]
The 8th Executive Conference of Mayors for Peace

The 8th Executive Conference was held in Granollers, Spain.

During the conference, it was reported that the number of member cities exceeded 5,000 in September 2011. Past activities were reviewed and future plans were discussed among the participating mayors and representatives of executive cities.

Also at this Executive Conference, digest version of the “Hiroshima for Global Peace Plan of Hiroshima Prefecture was circulated and explained, and gained approval for receiving an explanation about the situation of efforts from Hiroshima Prefecture at the 2013 General Conference.

1 Dates
Nov. 9 (Wed) and 10 (Thur), 2011
2 Venue
Granollers, Spain
3 Participating
11 Cities
City (From oldest to newest) Representative
President Hiroshima (Japan) Mr. Kazumi Matsui (Mayor)
Vice Presidents Nagasaki (Japan) Mr. Tomihisa Taue (Mayor)
Hannover (Germany) Ms. Marlies Drevermann
(Deputy Chief Executive)
Volgograd (Russia) Ms. Irina B. Elinetskaya
(Vice Mayor responsible for International Relations)
Malakoff (France) Mr. Michel Cibot (Head of Services)
Manchester (UK) Mr. Mark Hackett (Councillor)
Ypres (Belgium) Mr. Filip Deheeger (Treasurer)
Biograd na Moru (Croatia) Ms. Jasminka Bajlo (Counselor)
Granollers (Spain) Mr. Josep Mayoral i Antigas (Mayor)
Halabja (Iraq) Mr. Khder Kareem (Mayor)
Executive Fongo Tongo (Cameroon) Mr. Daniel Tsakem (Lord Mayor)
  • Frogn (Norway)   
    Mr. Thore Vestby (Mayor)
  • Mortsel (Belgium)  
    Ms. Ingrid La Pira (Mayor)
  • Zemir (Israel)    
    Mr. Samir Darwish (Mayor)
  • Bastogne (Belgium) 
    Ms. Lysiane Thonus (Staff member in charge of Mayors for Peace)
  • Federation of Argentinean Municipalities (FAM, Argentina) /Latin American Federation of Cities, Municipalities and Associations of Local Governments (FLACMA)
  •           Dr. Marcos Miguel Sestopal (Director of International Affairs of FAM)
  • National Front of Mayors (FNP, Brazil)
  •           Mr. Claudio Maffei (Vice President of FNP, Mayor of Porto Feliz)
  • Association of Local Authorities of Mexico (AALMAC, Mexico)
  •           Mr. Ricardo Baptista (Advisory Council member of AALMAC)

  • Executive Advisor, Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation
  •   Mr. Aaron Tovish (International Director, 2020 Vision Campaign)
  •   Ms. Jacqueline Cabasso
  •   Mr. Pol Heanna D’Huyvetter (International Development Director, 2020 Vision Campaign)
4 Agendas
  1. Reports
  2.   Activities after the 7the General Conference in 2009
  3. Agenda 1
  4.   Mayors for Peace Campaign Action Plans
  5. Agenda 2
  6.   The 8th General Conference in 2013
  7. Discussion topics
  8.   Management of Mayors for Peace
  9.   ① Executive Conferences in Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  10.   ② Managing the cost of Mayors for Peace
  11.   ③ Establishing national and regional chapters: roles and responsibilities
  12. Other
  13.   Reports from Executive Advisors
  14.   Discussion of current concerns
  15. Agenda 3
  16.   Texts to be adopted by the Executive Conference
  17.   ① Resolution towards the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons
  18.   ② Final communiqué (on matters discussed and decided)
5 Resolutions
6 Others

The 8th Executive Conference of Mayors for Peace in Granollers, Spain and the Opening of an Exhibition about the Atomic Bombings and Disarmament in the United Nations Office at Geneva