Montevideo, Uruguay became a new executive city

November 9, 2011

On October 24, Montevideo, Uruguay, was appointed as an executive city, upon receipt of the letter of acceptance from the mayor of Montevideo. Montevideo has been actively promoting the activities of Mayors for Peace in the Mercosur region, including Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela. We have been requesting to become an executive. Further development of Mayors for Peace activities in South America will be expected.

Achievements of the mayor of Montevideo

The mayor of Montevideo has introduced the activities of Mayors for Peace to Mercociudades, a network of cities in the Mercosur region, and the government of Uruguay, as well as requested them to cooperate with Mayors for Peace. Thanks to her support, the 2020 Vision Campaign International Development Director was able to attend the meeting of Mercociudades, introduced the activities of Mayors for Peace and promoted membership drive to invite cities that were not yet members to join Mayors for Peace. The mayor of Montevideo is willing to continue to fully cooperate in promoting the activities of Mayors for Peace.

>Letter of Acceptance to become an Executive (Spanish)
>Letter of Appointment for an Executive Mayor of Mayors for Peace (English/Japanese)

*Section 5 of Article 4 in the Covenant of the Mayors for Peace


  1. Executive Officials of the Organization shall consist of: one President; an appropriate number of Vice-Presidents and Executive Members.
  2. The President and the Vice-President shall be elected by Solidarity Cities.
  3. The President shall supervise and represent the Organization, and shall chair the Conference.
  4. The Vice-President shall assist the President. In case of the inability of the President to carry out the duties of the office, the Vice-President shall fulfill the duties of the President.
  5. The Executive Members shall be appointed from Solidarity Cities by the President with regional conditions taken into consideration.
  6. The Executive Members shall assist the President and the Vice-President and shall act for the smooth management of the Organization.