Mayors for Peace awarded the 2006 Sean MacBride Peace Prize from the International Peace Bureau (IPB)

September 8, 2006
September 8 (Fri.), 2006

IPB Chairwoman Cora Weiss presented a medal to Mayor Akiba of Hiroshima.

October 21 (Sat.), 2006

Former IPB Vice Chairwoman Kate Dewes presented a medal to Mayor Itoh of Nagasaki.


The international peace NGO IPB has given Mayors for Peace its Sean MacBride Peace Prize in recognition of its achievements in arousing international public demand for the abolition of nuclear weapons and lasting world peace through the 2020 Vision (Emergency Campaign to Ban Nuclear Weapons) and other global peace promotion activities.

In explaining the award, IPB Chairwoman Cora Weiss also expressed great expectations for continued Mayors for Peace campaigning and the desire for closer cooperation with IPB.

2.Award Ceremony

The award ceremony took place at an IPB international conference held in Helsinki to coincide with the IPPNW World Congress. The mayor of Hiroshima (president of Mayors for Peace) was in Helsinki for those conferences and received the award on behalf of Mayors for Peace.

Time: 15:45, September 8 (Fri.), 2006
Place: Old Student House, Helsinki, Finland

Chairwoman Weiss presented a medal to Mayor Akiba, president of Mayors for Peace. The same medal was presented by former IPB Vice Chairwoman Kate Dewes to Mayor Itoh of Nagasaki at the Global Citizens’ Assembly held in Nagasaki in October.


IPB is an international NGO founded in 1892 to work toward a world without war. It is based in Geneva, Switzerland. In 1910, it received the Nobel Peace Prize. Today, it is actively promoting peace in 70 countries, working toward “Sustainable disarmament for sustainable development.”

3.The Sean MacBride Peace Prize

Sean MacBride of Ireland was chairman of IPB from 1968-74. He was president from 1974-85. In honor of his many achievements, an award in his name is given to individuals or groups that show outstanding achievement in the fields of peace, disarmament and human rights. The award was established in 1992 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of IPB.

[Previous recipients]

  • 2005: No Prize awarded.
  • 2004: The Geneva Initiative on the Middle East
  • 2003: Nihon Hidankyo
  • 2002: Ms. Barbara Lee, US Congresswoman
  • 2001: Dr. Rosalie Bertell, President of the International Institute of Concern for Public Health
  • * Earlier, awards were presented every year since 1992.