Communique addressed to all nuclear-armed states demanding the ban of all nuclear explosions, test and use, issued in protest against nuclear test by DPRK

November 9, 2006


Ban all nuclear explosions, test or use !

For 3053 days the world had been spared the insanity of the uncontrolled release of nuclear energy. On 9 October, this long stretch of common sense was rudely interrupted by a nuclear explosion under Mant’ap-san Mountain. Notwithstanding global condemnation of the North Korean leadership’s decision to conduct this test, further nuclear tests appear imminent.

Mayors for Peace calls upon the other nuclear-armed states to acknowledge that the universal opprobrium elicited by the North Korea test would apply with equal force to any country that conducts an explosive nuclear test. Israel avers that it has never tested; Russia has not tested since 1990; Britain since 1991; the United States since 1992; France and China since 1996; India and Pakistan since 1998. North Korea’s despicable behavior must not be exploited by any of these countries as a pretext to ‘respond in kind.’

Meanwhile the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty languishes in limbo. It is time for all signatories of the CTBT to rally to its defense. Mayors for Peace commends France, Russia, and the United Kingdom for ratifying the Treaty; and encourages China, Colombia, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, and Israel to follow through on their signatures by ratifying the Treaty without delay. Mayors for Peace condemns the refusal of the United States to ratify the Treaty, despite having been the first country to sign it; and denounces the failure of India, North Korea, and Pakistan to even sign. Timely action by all is needed now to bring this crucial Treaty into force before it is too late. North Korea’s stance must not serve as a pretext for inaction on this score by others.

Any explosion of a nuclear device ? be it a test, a terrorist attack, or an act of war ? is a grossly illegal and immoral assault on the environment and civilized behavior, whether or not it results in immediate casualties. As mayors, we are aware that weapons of mass destruction are called ‘weapons of mass destruction’ specifically because of the havoc they can wreak upon cities. Hiroshima and Nagasaki are more than sufficient testimony to this tragic truth. Mayors for Peace wishes to remind all belligerents that CITIES ARE NOT TARGETS. There is no conceivable justification whatsoever for the bombardment of civilian population centers; any weapon capable of the instantaneous obliteration of a city should be forever banned.

n 1996, the International Court of Justice found unanimously that, “There exists an obligation to pursue in good faith and bring to a conclusion negotiations leading to nuclear disarmament in all its aspects under strict and effective international control.” For ten years, this opinion has been ignored while nuclear weapons proliferated both vertically and horizontally. Before this proliferation spins out of control, we demand the immediate start of negotiations to end the obscene threat to which the vast majority of the world’s people and nations are subjected against their will. As proof of their good faith, the nuclear-armed states should renounce any and all threats to use nuclear weapons.

November 9, 2006

The Conference of Mayors for Peace

Tadatoshi Akiba President Mayor of Hiroshima
Iccho Itoh VicePresident Mayor of Nagasaki
Stephan Weil Vice President Mayor of Hannover
Catherine Margate Vice President Mayor of Malakoff
David Sandiford Vice President Mayor of Manchester
Jaime R. Fresnedi Vice President Mayor of Muntinlupa
Eugeny P. Ishuchenko Vice President Mayor of Volgograd
Donald L. Plusquellic Vice President Mayor of Akron
Garry Moore Vice President Mayor of Christchurch
Leonardo Domenici Vice President Mayor of Florence
Patrik Vankrunkelsven Vice President Mayor of Laakdal