Letter of Protest against subcritical nuclear test by the US issued

June 8, 2002 [To US / 16 in total]

The Honorable George W. Bush
President of the United States of America

Letter of Protest

On June 7, the United States conducted its 17th subcritical nuclear test at its underground nuclear test site in Nevada.

With the rest of the world working hard to halt the proliferation of nuclear weapons and abolish all such weapons as soon as possible, America’s subcritical nuclear testing and obvious intent to retain nuclear weapons indefinitely is a betrayal of the A-bomb survivors and the people of the world who wish to see this threat eliminated. Furthermore, just prior to this test, the Department of Energy made public its plan to resume the manufacture of the capsules that trigger the detonation of nuclear weapons. Such actions reveal not only a lack of intent to eliminate such weapons, but also an intent to actually use them. We are outraged by your trampling on the hopes of the international community, the vast majority of which is working to abolish nuclear weapons. On behalf of the 528 cities in 105 countries and regions who make up the World Conference of Mayors for Peace, we vehemently protest.

Israelis and Palestinians remain trapped in their chain of attack and retaliation. India and Pakistan are poised on the brink of nuclear war. Meanwhile, the United States not only insists on maintaining nuclear weapons for self-defense, it is advocating development and planning the use of such weapons. This self-centered, unilateralist stance is crippling the international disarmament process. Indeed, we gravely fear that you are lighting the fuse that will lead to widespread nuclear proliferation and, possibly, the annihilation of the human race in a nuclear holocaust.

As nuclear superpower and world leader, the United States has a clear duty to support the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice declaring that the threat or use of nuclear weapons violates international law. You are also obligated to pursue in good faith the “unequivocal undertaking” to eliminate your nuclear arsenal promised at the most recent NPT review conference. The Mayors for Peace demand that you accept these obligations and work sincerely for a 21st century of genuine peace free from nuclear weapons.

June 8, 2002

The Conference of Mayors for Peace

Tadatoshi Akiba   President   Mayor of Hiroshima  
Iccho Itoh   Vice President   Mayor of Nagasaki  
Stefano Bruni    Vice President   Mayor of Como  
Herbert Schmalstieg   Vice President   Mayor of Hannover  
Catherine Margate   Vice President   Mayor of Malakoff  
John Smith   Vice President   Mayor of Manchester  
Jaime R. Fresnedi   Vice President   Mayor of Muntinlupa  
Yuri Chekhov   Vice President   Mayor of Volgograd