Commemorating the 34th anniversary of Halabja Genocide

March 16, 2022 [Halabja, Iraq]

Report by Mr. Zmnako Mohammed, the City of Halabja

For hours, the Iraqi air force bombed the city, and around noon, they rained down a cocktail of chemicals on the people. 5000 people died and 67 percent of the victims were women and children.

March 16, 2022 marked the 34th anniversary of Halabja chemical bombardment. Halabja is still suffering from the long-term consequences of the chemical attack in 1988. There are 490 people affected by the chemical and they have major problems with their eyes and respiratory system. Parents are still looking for their lost children; 140 children are missing. Survivors of the attack wish to eliminate weapons of mass destruction in the world by raising awareness about the consequences of such weapons. The attack, recognized as act of genocide by Iraq’s High Court in 2010, has left a permanent scar in the memory of the Kurdish people.

Photos: courtesy of the City of Halabja

Yearly, survivors gather to commemorate this event. The Municipality of Halabja organized the following activities this year:

  • ・ A commemoration ceremony and offering a wreath of flowers at the Halabja Martyrs Monument;
  • ・ A photography exhibition by photographer, Taher Gholami; and
  • ・ Opening of Jalal Azabani photo gallery exhibiting around 2000 photos, including those of the city before and after the attack.