Allonnes supports Open Letter of Mayors for Peace addressed to NPT States Parties and commissions fresco for peace

February 9, 2022 [Allonnes, France]

Report by Ms. Loréna Schlicht, AFCDRP-Mayors for Peace France

On February 9, Allonnes City Council released a message of support to Mayors for Peace’s Open Letter addressed to NPT States Parties (French / English), which states “The elected officials of Allonnes join the open letter to fight for the abolition of nuclear weapons in order to avoid exposing the population and the environment to the risks of nuclear weapons.”

In addition, following this unanimous support, Allonnes held an opening event / vernissage of the art work titled “War and Peace,” which is exhibited at the City Hall as a representation of the city’s commitment to peace. The city commissioned this monumental fresco to a Congolese artist, Dady Nkanga, with the theme of Peace. His work was done at the site during the event. The whole city council was present there, including Mayor Gilles Leproust of Allonnes, and Mrs. Audrey Joannic, who is a city councilor in charge of human rights and peace as well as a Vice President of AFCDRP.

Photos: courtesy of AFCDRP-Mayors for Peace France