3rd Mayors Summit on Living Together held to discuss challenges around social cohesion and diversity

December 7 and 8, 2021 [Montreal, Canada]

Report by Ms. Lucie Lavoie, the City of Montréal

The 3rd Mayors Summit on Living Together was held on December 7 and 8 online, as well as on December 10 in Izmir, Turkey, on the occasion of Human Rights Day.

Co-organized by the International Observatory of Mayors on Living Together – an initiative by the City of Montréal – and the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the Summit brought together mayors and city representatives, as well as representatives of UN agencies, city networks and other experts, to discuss current challenges in terms of social cohesion, in a context of global recovery from COVID-19.

As part of the event, a series of thematic workshops presented cities the best practices on: resilience; diversity and inclusion; and dialogue and solidarity in cities.

Initiated by Montréal, and held every two years, the Summit is a high-level meeting of mayors from all regions in order to discuss the main challenges around social cohesiveness and diversity in cities worldwide.

Photos: courtesy of the City of Montreal