Program to Promote Solidarity of Cities Towards the Total Abolition of Nuclear Weapons

I. Purpose
In the light of the fact that the total abolition of nuclear weapons for which Hiroshima and Nagasaki have long been calling, has now won public support in many cities around the world, and that the advocacy of it is spreading world-wide, we should awaken the concern among the cities for the eradication of nuclear arms through establishing closer solidarity between the cities of the world, and thus contributing efforts towards a lasting world peace.

II. Means to Promote Inter-City Solidarity

  • A. We will carry forward this enterprise step by step according to the actual circumstances of each city, but we will first call for solidarity of the cities mentioned in the attached list.
  • B. A city which has joined in our “Inter-City Solidarity” program should exert its efforts in introducing the idea to as many other cities as possible, thereby expanding the solidarity between the cities beyond the boundaries of nations.
  • C. The program will be promoted in cooperation with the United Nations.
  • D. The solidarity of cities will take effect on the day we receive a letter from the particular city expressing its wish to join in this program.
  • E. Correspondence and coordination with the member cities will be conducted by the City of Hiroshima.

III. Details of the Program

  1. A. Exchange of the Messages
    1. 1.The member city, on its own initiative, should hold a gathering or an event devoted to the cause of disarmament and peace, and, in the event that a statement, resolution or proclamation is produced, should later exchange copies with one another.
    2. 2.The member city should send a message on the total abolition of nuclear weapons and general and complete disarmament to the U.N. Secretary-General during the U.N. Disarmament Week, starting October 24, and should also exchange copies of the message with other members.
  2. B. Exchange of Materials, Books and Other Publications
    1. 1.When a member city sponsors a workshop or a meeting on peace, disarmament and security issues, the city should send to all of the other members a list of the pamphlets, books or some other material reporting its results.
    2. 2.When a member city publishes or obtains materials, brochures, or books giving detailed information about the “Inter-City Solidarity” program, the city should communicate them to the others, (for instance, brochures, posters, and such like, available as peace education materials published by public organizations).
    3. 3.Taking into account that the problem of nuclear disarmament is most timely in the current international situation, the member city should hold an “exhibition of a photographic record of the Atom-bombing”, to make widely known to its constituents in particular, the real nature of the A-bomb devastation to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
      The cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki will lend their active cooperation to such city by providing it with the photographs necessary for the exhibition, and will also introduce to the city the documentary films, the transparencies and the books recording the disasters caused by the atomic bombs.