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Hiroshima Field Trip 2013, Central Connecticut State University

Fifteen students and two faculties from Central Connecticut State University (CCSU), USA, conducted a field study in Hiroshima from Thursday, July 11 to Saturday, July 13, 2013. This is the 6th field trip to Hiroshima by CCSU students.

This field trip is a part of the Study Abroad program offered by CCSU, through which the participants can learn about old and new Japanese culture and peace issues during visits to Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Kyoto and Tokyo in Japan.

Their activities included visits to peace related facilities and buildings exposed to the A-bomb and listening to the testimonies of A-bomb survivors (Ms. Sadae Kasaoka and Mr. Keijiro Matsushima) and A-bomb poems. The students learned much about the reality of the atomic bombings through such activities.

On July 13, CCSU students had a discussion with students from Hiroshima University of Economics (HUE). The themes of the discussion included nuclear weapons and energy issues. After the discussion, members of "Expand Peace through Paper Cranes Project" of HUE made paper crane bracelets with CCSU students and presented each CCSU student a lei of paper cranes.


Tour of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum


A-bomb survivor's testimony
by Ms. Sadae Kasaoka


Fieldwork (In front of Fukuromachi
Elementary School Peace Museum)


Tour of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park


Recitation of A-bomb memoirs and poems


A-bomb survivor's testimony
by Mr. Keijiro Matsushima


Discussion between CCSU and
Hiroshima students


Students with paper crane leis


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