List of Universities and Syllabi

Kwansei Gakuin University “Hiroshima Nagasaki Peace Study Course”


the Spring Semester (April-July) 2004

2.Targeted students:

Freshmen in all Schools


2 classes a week / 2 units


Teaching material will be provided by each lecturer

5.Grading / Evaluation:

term paper


Professor Masaaki Noda

1 April 13 Tadatoshi Akiba, Mayor of Hiroshima :
Message of Hiroshima, Extension course combined with lecture meeting.
2 April 20 Professor Masaaki Noda: A-bombings and Unconditional Surrender
3 April 27 Professor Masaaki Noda: 15-year-war
4 May 11 Professor Masaaki Noda: Living through the A-bombing (1)
5 May 18 Professor Masaaki Noda: Living through the A-bombing (2)
6 May 25 Professor Narahiko Toyoshita, School of Law: Nuclear Weapons and International Politics
7 June 1 Professor Teruo Kuribayashi, School of Law:
How US society interpreted the atomic bombing
8 June 8 Professor Teruo Kuribayashi, School of Law:
Peace building and food assistance Ms. Mihoko Tamamura, Director, UN World Food Programme (WFP) Office in Japan will be invited as a guest speaker.
9 June 15 Mr. Tadaomi Saito, Chairman, Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation, Path to the abolition of nuclear weapons
10 June 22 Ms.Michiko Yamaoka: bomb-survivor A-bomb surviiror's testimony
11 June 29 Kazumi Mizumoto, Associate Professor, Hiroshima Peace Institute,
Hiroshima City University:
Meaning of A-bomb experiences in the 21st century's peace
12 July 6 Professor Masaaki Noda: Trends: the Peace Movement and Nationalism