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Hiroshima City University “Peace and Human Rights A”


the Second Semester in 2002 (Octorber-February)

2.Outline of the Course:

To consider the issue of peace and human rights, especially focusing on “peace” aspect, the significance of peace in modern society, its structure and problems to be solved to achieve peace will be explored. The relationship between Hiroshima and peace will be considered from various points of view, centering on the experience of the atomic bombing in Hiroshima.

3.Lecturer and Content
  • October 7
    [Guidance to the Course (about 10 minutes)]
    “Experiences of the atomic bombing from the perspective of sociology” (80 minutes)
    Instructor: Dr. Akiko NAONO (University of California, Santa Cruz, Ph.D.)
  • October 21
    “Historical background of the atomic bombing”
    Instructor: Dr. Taketo SUZUKI, Lecturer
  • October 28
    “Issues on the atomic bombing”
    Instructor: Dr. Taketo SUZUKI, Lecturer
  • November 11
    “Experiences of the atomic bombing and Literature”
    Instructor: Dr. Kensuke UEKI, Professor, Graduate School of Letters, HiroshimaUniversity
  • November 18
    “Experiences of the atomic bombing from the perspective of physics”
    Instructor: Dr. Hiromi HASAI, President, Hiroshima Kokusai Gakuin University
  • November 25
    “Experiences of the atomic bombing from the perspective of medical science”
    Instructor: Dr. Norihiko HAYAKAWA, Professor, Hiroshima University Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine
  • December 2
    “Nuclear Issue from the perspective of fine art”
    Instructor: Mr. Hitoshi DEHARA, Education Section Chief, Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art
  • December 9
    “Meaning of epigraphs and controversy on them”
    Instructor: Dr. Yoshie FUNABASHI, Emeritus Professor, Hiroshima University
  • December 16
    “Philosophy in the era of post-Hiroshima.”
    Instructor: Dr. Nobuo KAZASHI, Professor, Faculty of Letters, Kobe
    instructor at graduate school of Hiroshima City University
  • January 20
    “Experiences of the atomic bombing and city development / urban design”
    Instructor: Dr. Norioki ISHIMARU, Professor, Graduate school of Engineering,Hiroshima University
  • January 27
    “Experiences of the atomic bombing shown on photographs”
    Instructor: Mr. Michio Ide (Photographer)
  • February 3
    “Current situation on nuclear issue in the world and nuclear free / nuclear disarmament policy of Japan”
    Instructor: Dr. Kazumi Mizumoto, Associate Professor, Hiroshima Peace Institute,Hiroshima City University
  • February 10
    (supplementary lecture)