f Syllabus 2004 Technische Fachhochschule Berlin : Hiroshima-Nagasaki Peace Study Course

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Technische Fachhochschule Berlin/Germany-University of Applied Science
“Hiroshima-Nagasaki Peace-Study Courses”
Summer Term 2004

1 Term

From April to July, 2004

2 Coordinator

Professor Eugen Eichhorn

3 Lecturer and Content
  • Discovery of nuclear fission and activities to build an atomic bomb in Germany
    Prof. Eugen Eichhorn, April 7, 2004
  • Pearl Harbor and its outstanding world-political meaning in the 20th century
    - Legends, Facts and Backgrounds -
    Dipl.-Ing. Jurgen Schroter, April 21, 2004
  • Manhattan Project
    Under this umbrella organization many high ranking scientists--among them numerous European emigrants--and thousands of engineers and workmen worked at the top secret nuclear research laboratories in Los Alamos and at many other research facilities, spread over the United States, toward the completion of the world's first atomic bombs
    Prof. Eugen Eichhorn, May 5, 2004
    • (1) Report on dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945: Destruction; radiation;
      continuing effects on the awareness of the Japanese people; nuclear medicine dimensions;
    • (2) Social history of the Hibakusha;
    • (3) Atomic bomb literature
    • (4) The moral issue
    (1) Dipl.-Ing. Jurgen Schroter, (2)・(3) Prof. Eugen Eichhorn, (4) Martin Lotz, May 19, 2004
  • Ethics and science, ethics of scientists and engineers
    Martin Lotz, End of June, 2004
  • Cold war, nuclear armament race, new nuclear strategies
    Dr. Bernd Gappa, June 2, 2004
  • International treaties on armament restriction and armament reduction
    (SALT / START / ABM / INF / NPT)
    Xanthe Hall (IPPNW), June 16, 2004
  • International networks for elimination of nuclear weapons
    (Pugwash movement / IPPNW / IALANA / INESAP / Abolition 2000 / scientists opposition, e.g. Joliot-Curie, Rotblat, Russell)
    Dr. Bernd Gappa, June 30, 2004
  • Examples of peace culture by means of selected biographies:
    Gandhi (India) / M.L. King (USA) / Mandela (South Africa) / Thich Nhat Hanh (Vietnam)
    Prof. Eugen Eichhorn, Dr. Bernd Gappa, Dipl.-Ing. Jurgen Schroter, Martin Lotz, July 14, 2004