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Hiroshima Peace Study Field Trip 2018, Hiroshima Cosmopolitan University

On December 1 (Sat), a class from Hiroshima Cosmopolitan University (Japan) carried out its Hiroshima Peace Study Field Trip as a part of the "Hiroshima no Kokoro (Spirit of Hiroshima)" course which is recognized as a Hiroshima-Nagasaki Peace Study Course at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and other related facilities.

36 first year students from the university's Faculty of Childhood Education visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and were told all about the A-bombed trees which survived the horror of the atomic bombing. Guided by peace volunteers, they also visited various monuments and saw A-bombed trees around Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. After that, students interviewed foreigners who were visiting the Park.

Students participating in this course who want to become childminders, kindergarten and elementary school teachers considered how they would teach about peace to children. Students commented "Even though I have visited the Museum many times before, I feel like I am seeing it with fresh eyes". Another student said "A French person who I interviewed said: 'Let's take action together'. I was so touched."

Orientation about A-bombed trees

Peace volunteers guided tour of Monuments
around Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park


     Students putting their ears
     against an A-bombed tree

Interviewing foreigners
in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park


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