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Impressions after the Hiroshima Field Trip 2012, International Christian University (ICU)

The following are excerpts of impressions of the Hiroshima Field Trip 2012 from a questionnaire conducted by the ICU.

How has your view of Hiroshima changed after participation in the Hiroshima Field Trip?

  • I am just so impressed by people's openness for what happened in their history. They have truly decided to take a wound from the past and use it to help in the future. What spirit. The town is beautiful and more built up than I thought. People were incredibly welcoming.
  • For history knowledge, I have gained more and learned more from this trip. For my view, I see that Hiroshima is the new city with much hope and possibility. There are many things that everyone can and should do. There are more things that we should continue learning, talking, or discussing as what else can we do for the city. With the people that we have met, also with the stories that we have learnt and heard, we should not just make those only as a good field visit. There should be something else that we can do more for Hiroshima. My view is more into the possibility for us to do, help, and support more as individual and as a group.
  • Now I have a great understanding about the A-bomb and its consequences. I became more convinced that the A-bomb must never be used again.
  • The Hiroshima trip was very impactful. It really made me think about the horrors of war and the extent to which the human race can be destructive and heartless. As I listened to the A-bomb survivors and the audio guide during my walk around the museum, I thought about my role in the quest for world peace and conflict resolution. I have to admit that I felt a little helpless at times… What can I do to change the world? How can I play a role in preventing such atrocities from happening again in the future? As we lean about the political/economical/social/environmental complexities war I think it is important that we also learn about how to exercise our role(s) as global citizens and peace fellows. The Hiroshima field trip is an impactful and valuable experience that made us think about the past and the conditions that fuel war and hatred. But, as future leaders we must also look towards the future. Mr. Leeper provided some insight/inspiration in this regard, which was really great.


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