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Hiroshima Field Trip 2009, Central Connecticut State University

19 students from Central Connecticut State University (CCSU), USA, visited Hiroshima as part of a field trip from Thursday, June 4 to Sunday, June 6. This is the third trip to Hiroshima by CCSU students, some students having even already come in previous years. The students were accomapanied by Professors Shizuko Tomoda and Mark Jones.。

This field trip is a part of the Study Abroad program offered by CCSU, through which the participants can learn about both old and new Japanese culture and peace issues during visits to Hiroshima, Kyoto, Kanazawa and Tokyo. The students learned much about the reality of the atomic bombings.

Their activities included visits to peace related facilities and buildings exposed to the A-bomb, listening to the testimony of an A-bomb survivor, and a lecture at the Radiation Effects Research Foundation.

On the final day of the Hiroshima program, CCSU students had a discussion with Hiroshima students from several universities including Hiroshima City University, Hiroshima University of Economics and so on. The themes of the discussion included Article 9 of the Japanese constitution and the Japan Self Defence Forces. They enjoyed taking with students of the same age, and achieved mutually fruitful exchange.


CCSU students look silently at a mock-up of
Hiroshima prior to the dropping of the A-bomb.


Lecture by Dr. Mizumoto of Hiroshima Peace


The CSSU students attended a session
at UNITAR, learning about the UN
affiliated institutions efforts toward
Peace Building and the support provided
by Hiroshima Prefecture.


Interviewed by local TV crew


Students take a guided tour of the Peace
Park and its vicinities, visiting many monuments
including the one at the hypocenter.


Students listen intently to the lecture at the
Radiation Effects Research Foundation.


CCSU students conducted a discussion activity with students from several colleges and universities in Hiroshima.


Students listen intently to the humble but impassioned delivery of hibakusha (A-bomb survivor) Mr. Keijirou Matsushima.


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