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Tokyo University of Foreign Studies "The Hiroshima Atomic Bomb and its Commemoration as a Focus of Public History"



Course title

The Hiroshima Atomic Bomb and its Commemoration as a Focus of Public History


Taku Shinohara, Yoshiko Fujii


Spring semester



Overview of the Course

The atomic bomb issue has always been central to the culture of memory and public history in Japan. Therefore, with the practical experiences in Hiroshima (interviews, visit to memorial sites, etc.), this course will provide interdisciplinary teaching on the mechanisms by which memory is institutionalized as collective memory, and deepen reflection on the relationship between such memory and history in the context of comparative and global history.

And for this purpose, this course will be supported by HIPS program, which lasts for a minimum of three years, and is offered throughout the spring semester each year. (HIPS:

Goals of the course

The theme of this course is Memory and Commemoration of Exposure in Hiroshima. Through learning about the atomic bomb issue, students will deepen an understanding of the issues of the global history of Japan.

  • What is Public History?
  • Critical reflection on war memories in Japan: Visit to Yasukuni Shrine and the National Museum of Modern Art (War paintings by Fujita Tsuguharu)
  • Visit in Hiroshima; Visit to A-bombed Buildings
  • Tour in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, Tour of Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims Exchange with volunteer readers
  • Stroll in Peace Memorial Park Rest House Exhibition Hall and A-bombed Remains Exhibition Hall) Lecture on A-bomb experience (including Q&A session)
  • Tours of Peace Memorial Museum, Peace Memorial Hall, and sightseeing in Miyajima Departure from Hiroshima to Tokyo
  • Representation of the catastrophe: Visit to Maruki Gallery of Hiroshima Panels
  • Nagasaki study tour (TBD)
Grading system for assessment

final paper: 100%


Please review the lectures in comment sheet each time