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“Now is the Time to Unite and Promote Solidarity”
- A Message from the President of Mayors for Peace -

This is MATSUI Kazumi, Mayor of the City of Hiroshima and President of Mayors for Peace.

The global COVID-19 pandemic touches us all; infection could happen to anyone. The whole of humanity must unite to address this crisis.

In the spirit of mutual aid and for the greater good of society, every individual must now make behavioral changes. Such action will play a significant role in preventing the further spread of infection.

While keeping physical distance, every citizen of every city must act with a strong sense of solidarity, without alienating or “cutting off” others.

Mayors for Peace believes that together with abolishing nuclear weapons, realizing safe and resilient cities is indispensable to achieve lasting world peace.

In collaboration with our 7,900 member cities, Mayors for Peace will make every proactive effort to strengthen initiatives to foster and expand solidarity between citizens in the fight against this common threat.

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