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News History

Member Cities' Activities

Event in Montréal, Canada to celebrate International Day of Peace 2021

Report by Ms. Lucie Lavoie, International Relations Advisor, the City of Montréal

The Peace Network for Social Harmony, in collaboration with Ville de Montréal, organized an event to launch the 7th edition of Peace Days, under the theme “Take action for equality.” The event was followed by a panel on the topic of reconciliation with indigenous communities. Ville de Montréal is a proud member of Mayors for Peace since 1989. Montréal also promotes the notion of “vivre-ensemble” on the international scene and hosts the International Observatory of Mayors on Living Together, a platform and a network dedicated to exchanging good practices related to social cohesion, inclusion, and peace in cities where the City of Hiroshima is a founding member.

The Peace Network for Social Harmony is a Montreal-based charitable organization, involving a series of actors who believe in the importance of peace, non-violence, and inclusive and open-minded society. Journée de la paix / Peace Days is a two-week-long programme of more than fifty local activities dedicated to promoting peace and social harmony (see Peace Days programme 2021).

Photos: courtesy of the City of Montréal

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