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Member Cities' Activities

Event in Marcos Paz, Argentina to celebrate International Day of Peace 2021

Report by Lic. Federico Casaletti, the City of Marcos Paz

During the week of the International Day of Peace, Marcos Paz presented to the public and the press its entrance as a member city of "Mayors for Peace"

With the presence of the Minister Counselor of the Embassy of Japan in Argentina, Shinichi Sato, and members of the Japanese Collectivity of our city, we present the entry of our city to "Mayors for Peace", with the purpose of promoting the complete eradication of nuclear weapons in the world and the peaceful coexistence of people.

The Secretary of Public Management of the Municipality, Viviana Mignani, commented that in February of this year Marcos Paz joined Mayors for Peace. "We join the initiative to carry out actions that have to do with the promotion of non-violence, the non-use of nuclear weapons, the union between peoples and the search for peace."

The mayor of the city, Ricardo Curutchet, stressed that "humanity has to learn from its mistakes and not repeat them, work for peace, unity and coexistence of people", and stated that "it is an honor and a joy to be members of Mayors for Peace." He said, " I am convinced that a community develops itself by listening to each other, reaching consensus and sowing the seeds for new generations."

Finally, Minister Sato thanked the invitation and the initiative, and expressed that "we are extremely grateful for the decision to join the global initiative to work towards a world without nuclear weapons." "We are honored to be able to work with Marcos Paz city."

Photos: courtesy of the City of Marcos Paz

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