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Event in Malakoff, France to celebrate International Day of Peace 2021

Report by AFCDRP / Mayors For Peace France

The City of Malakoff held a 10-day-long peace event from September 16th to the 25th as part of PLACP, Local Initiatives for the Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace. Along with a series of lectures, poem readings, and film screenings, one of the highlights of this year’s event was an art project, “Sur le fil de la Paix (On the Road of Peace).” Artists and citizens together decorated fences with ribbons, paper cranes, and message cards, which led to a small park in the city hall square surrounded by the “Peace Trees.” Anti-nuclear weapons posters and children’s peace artworks were also hung on the fences. Artists drew a dove on the road and people, including local children, added some drawings and messages around it. For the next year, the city plans to decorate the site with more paper cranes and drawings on the ground, hoping to raise more awareness for the event.

Photos: courtesy of AFCDRP / Mayors For Peace France

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