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Youth Peace Volunteers shoot video introducing monuments in Peace Memorial Park

March, 2021

Since 2019, we have been supporting the activities of Youth Peace Volunteers—volunteer guides who take visitors from overseas for tours in Peace Memorial Park, conveying the realities of the atomic bombing in English. Total of 26 high school and university students participated in the 2020 training program. They attended a series of 7 lectures to gain knowledge and acquire skills needed to give tours.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they are unfortunately unable to conduct such tours with foreign tourists now. They instead filmed a short video in March, introducing 10 different monuments in the park, including the Cenotaph for the Atomic Bomb Victims and the Atomic Bomb Dome, in English.

The video they created can be viewed here.

We will continue to strengthen peace education programs and make efforts to nurture young people to take leadership in passing down the atomic bomb survivors’ experiences and their desires for peace to future generations.

Video created by Youth Peace Volunteers

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