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Mayor of Halabja supports Afghan female activists

September, 2021
Report by Mr. Zimnako Mohammed, the City of Halabja, Iraq

In the past weeks, thousands of families including Afghanistan's women activists left their homeland where they have planted the seeds of human rights and gender equality. Mayor of Halabja, Kwestan Akram with group of Kurdish women activists named Kurdistan Women Alliance gathered and prepared a declaration to ask the international community to protect civil people in Afghanistan especially young girls and women activists and don’t let the political changes to take their achievements away which they obtained through the last 20 years.

It has been stated in the declaration, “We (Kurdistan Women Alliance), remind you about this call from the Afghan’s women: (don’t leave us alone, we are the Afghan’s women who are half of the society, now we are imprisoned at our home and we need to pursue our freedom, please protect us).”

Mayor of Halabja, Kwestan Akram and Kurdistan Women Alliance have asked the Kurdistan Regional Government to cooperate with all related actors to support Afghan’s activist women if they arrive to Kurdistan.

Mayor Kwestan Akram of Halabja (left)
Photo: courtesy of the City of Halabja

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