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Member Cities' Activities

French Chapter holds its General Assembly online

April 28, 2021
Report by Ms. Loréna Schlicht, AFCDRP-Mayors for Peace France

On April 28, the Mayors for Peace French Chapter held its General Assembly in a virtual format with the attendance of more than 40 mayors, advisors and technicians. To date, the French Chapter has over 150 municipality members. At the Assembly, new board members were elected, and the Chapter made a decision to further expand Mayors for Peace membership nationwide and to develop and promote “Local Action Programs for a Culture of Peace” at the Chapter.

During the Assembly, Mayor Philippe Rio of Grigny, Executive Member of Mayors for Peace and the Chair of the Chapter, revisited the organization’s history and principles—its foundation at the call of the Cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; the establishment of the European Chapter; activities based in its principles; and remarkable commitment for disarmament such as the adoption of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and its entry into force. His explanation gave the attendees inspiration for their future peace initiatives and projects.

Photos:AFCDRP-Mayors for Peace France

A newly created video by the French Chapter titled “Building a World of Peace” was also played. It is a compilation of past activities of French member cities, with a moving overview of the history of Mayors for Peace by Ms. Miho Cibot Shimma, Ambassador for Peace of the City of Hiroshima, along with other contributors.

Click here to see the video (in French)

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