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Inauguration of a rock garden for peace

October 24, 2019
Report from Moissac, France

The town of Moissac in the region of Occitanie in Southern France is known for its white grapes and beautiful townscape including churches, an abbey and the town hall.

Moissac joined Mayors for Peace on December 1st last year through an invitation from a local citizens’ group named “Sentries of Peace”. This group highlights the importance of passing down the messages of the hibakusha of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to the younger generation and promotes an art activity involving stacking stones into towers as prayers for peace. The concept behind this is: “The stone towers symbolize the fragility of peace that must be protected and constantly rebuilt.” On October 24, the town inaugurated a rock garden built with this concept. Later, when the stone towers in this garden were destroyed by rain and wind, citizens spontaneously rebuilt them.

Report on the town of Moissac website in French

At the Moissac City Hall (from left to right) AFCDRP Executive Director Michel Cibot, Moissac City Councillor, Mayor of Moissac, Hiroshima Ambassador Miho Cibot, members of “Sentries of Peace”

(Photos courtesy of Michel Cibot)

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