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Petition drives calling for all states to join the TPNW at the earliest date

Petition Drive by the president and high school students in the street (July 2019, Hiroshima)

Presenting signatures to the affiliates of UN by high school students participating in the petition drive (April 2019, New York)

3,142,769 signatures (As of January 1, 2022)

(The above number includes signatures collected through the petition drive calling for negotiations of a nuclear weapons convention Mayors for Peace promoted since December 2010.)

In July 2017, the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons was adopted at the UN. This was made possible by the heartfelt appeal of the hibakusha and many other like-minded people for the abolition of nuclear weapons. About three years after its adoption, the treaty entered into force on January 22, 2021.

However, in order to realize a world without nuclear weapons, it is essential for the treaty to become a fully effective legal instrument. For this we need the nuclear-armed states and their allies to take part in discussions and sign the treaty, and an overall increased number of states parties to the treaty.

Through this petition drive, we intend to spread among the people of the world the belief that nuclear weapons are an absolute evil to be eradicated from the world. Through this, we will create pressure for policy change and for all states to join the treaty as soon as possible.

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Please sign the petition and show your support for this cause.

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● Poster encouraging people to join the petition

Please use this poster to promote the petition on various occasions.