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Collecting and sharing good examples of activities by member cities

(From top left) ©The City of Fremantle, Australia ©The City of Dijon, France ©The City of Halabja, Iraq
(From middle left) ©The City of Cervia, Italy ©The City of Shetland Islands, UK ©The City of Ypres, Belgium
(From bottom left) ©The City of Hannover, Germany ©The City of Tatebayashi, Japan

● Introducing good examples
● Please send us a report on your city's initiative based on the Action Plan

If your city has conducted initiatives based on the Action Plan, please send a short report to the Secretariat. The Secretariat collects good examples of initiatives and shares them with other members, aiming to enhance regional activities.

*There is no specific form for a report, except for: "Mayors for Peace Atomic Bomb Poster Exhibition" and "Examples of initiatives to foster peace-seeking spirit."

[ Mayors for Peace Atomic Bomb Poster Exhibition ]

[ Examples of initiatives to foster peace-seeking spirit ]

  • This Call for Input will be of interest to peace education initiatives conducted by any organization (city hall/school/NGO, etc.) in Mayors for Peace member cities on themes such as: the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the history of war in each member city, terrorism, refugees, the destruction of the environment, poverty, famine, discrimination and violence.