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Official Statements

Letters of Protest and Statement

His Excellency Kim Jong-Il
Chairman of the DPRK National Defense Commission
Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Letter of Protest

We received a report that the Democratic People's Republic of Korea has conducted a nuclear test. On behalf of the 2,870 cities in 134 countries and regions, we vehemently protest this act.

We have worked long and hard for the abolition of nuclear weapons, and your callous trampling on our hopes is an outrage. Especially now, with global momentum finally mounting toward the abolition of nuclear weapons and the international community working desperately toward a successful NPT Review Conference next year, your test is a wet blanket obstructing these efforts. The international community cannot condone such behavior. Following on the heels of your recent missile test, this provocative act could well accelerate the nuclear programs of nuclear-armed states and other states seeking nuclear arms. Thus, we condemn your test in the strongest possible terms. You have done serious harm to world peace and stability.

We demand that you contemplate more deeply the inhumanity of nuclear weapons; listen conscientiously to the hibakusha, who tell us, "Nuclear weapons are an absolute evil that threaten to extinguish the entire human family;" abandon immediately all nuclear weapons and development programs; return to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty; develop a diplomatic approach without reliance on nuclear deterrence; and play a sincere and constructive role in good-faith negotiations for universal nuclear disarmament.

May 26, 2009

The Conference of Mayors for Peace

Tadatoshi Akiba   President   Mayor of Hiroshima, Japan  
Tomihisa Taue   Vice President   Mayor of Nagasaki, Japan  
Donald L. Plusquellic   Vice President   Mayor of Akron, USA  
Bob Parker   Vice President   Mayor of Christchurch, New Zealand  
Leonardo Domenici   Vice President   Mayor of Florence, Italy  
Stephan Weil   Vice President   Mayor of Hannover, Germany  
Tine Gielis   Vice President   Mayor of Laakdal, Belgium  
Catherine Margate   Vice President   Mayor of Malakoff, France  
Alison Firth   Vice President   Mayor of Manchester, UK  
Aldrin L. San Pedro   Vice President   Mayor of Muntinlupa, Philippines  
Roman Grebennikov   Vice President   Mayor of Volgograd, Russia  
Ivan Knez   Executive Official   Mayor of Biograd na Moru, Croatia  
Josep Mayoral i Angtigas   Executive Official   Mayor of Granollers, Spain  
Khder Kareem   Executive Official   Mayor of Halabja, Iraq  
Robert Harvey   Executive Official   Mayor of Waitakere, New Zealand  
Luc Dehaene   Executive Official   Mayor of Ypres, Belgium