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Meeting Reports

General Conference

General Conferences of Mayors for Peace are held, as a rule, once every 4 years to decide and approve important issues.

Executive Conference

  • General
  • Executive
August 7(Mon.) - August 10(Thu.), 2017 General 9th General Conference
August 3(Sat.) - August 6(Tue.), 2013 General 8th General Conference
August 7(Fri.)-August 10(Mon.), 2009 General 7th General Conference
August 4(Thu.)-August 9(Sat.), 2005 General 6th General Conference
August 4(Sat.)-August 9(Thu.), 2001 General 5th General Conference
August 4(Mon.)-August 9(Sat.), 1997 General 4th World Conference
August 4(Wed.)-August 9(Mon.), 1993 General 3rd World Conference
August 4(Fri.)-August 9(Wed.), 1989 General 2nd World Conference
August 4(Sun.)-August 9(Fri.), 1985 General 1st World Conference
November 12-13, 2015 Executive Ninth Executive Conference Ypres (Belgium)
November 9-10, 2011 Executive Eighth Executive Conference Granollers (Spain)
November 21-22, 2007 Executive Seventh Executive Conference Florence (Italy)
October 17-18, 2003 Executive Sixth Executive Conference Manchester(The United Kingdom)
September 1-2, 2000 Executive Fifth Executive Conference Hannover(Germany)
October 16-17, 1995 Executive Forth Executive Conference Volgograd(Russia)
October 14-17, 1991 Executive Third Executive Conference Sacramento(U.S.A.)
April 24-26, 1988 Executive Second Executive Conference Como(Itary)
May 27-28, 1987 Executive First Executive Conference Hannover(Germany)